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  • This new tour covers two great Himalayan’s areas those are still largely ignored: Kinnaur, and Garhwal.

    Departing Delhi, we will pass through Shimla before going up to the valley of Sutlej, old transportation route between Tibet and the plain India. The trekking begins from the valley of Baspa, which is certainly one of most beautiful of all Himalayas. Many ancient villages, with the traditional architecture of carved wood and dry stone, are stretched at the bottom of the valley, largely open. One of the characteristics of this valley is the fact that the population, particularly welcoming, is Buddhist and Hindu at the same time. Thus, the principal place of each village shelters a temple and a monastery, which are face to face. The mountains, which rise in all sides, form a landscape of a gripping beauty, dominated by the silhouette of Kinnaur Kailash.

    The trekking continues in alpine ground, passing from the forests of oaks, cedars (Deodar), rhododendrons and pines, to the High Mountain landscapes. From the passage of the pass of Barasu (5150 m), we will enter in the area of Garhwal, regarded as the residence of the Gods by the Hindus and which shelters hundreds of Hindu sanctuaries attracting many pilgrims called yatris in Hindi. Once after passing the pass of Yamunotri (5170 m), we will join Yamunotri, one of the four major places of the area, which welcome from April to October, thousands of yatris from whole India doing the puja, the whole ceremonies to purify their sins individually.

    During the last stage, we walk with the company of sadhus (ascetics) and are regarded as yatri as well as the other pilgrims.

    More than one simple excursion, this travel is a perfect introduction of the Himalayan world into all its diversity and of Holy India.

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Day 01: Arrival in Delhi
Recpetion at the airport and transfer to the hotel in the center of Delhi for Overnight stay.

Day 02: Delhi - Shimla (2200 m) [approximately 10 H of way - 380 km]
In the morning, train to Kalka to the bottom of the Himalayas. Then we take a minibus to Shimla. Transfer and night at the hotel.

Day 03: Shimla - Sarahan [5/6H of road - 170 km]
Road towards North/East, along Sutlej. As we go up to the valley, the landscape becomes less green. We cross the significant market of Rampur. Lunch and visits of the village. Continuation to the village of Sarahan. First night in camping.

Day 04: Sarahan - Chitkul (3450 m) [4/5H of road - 120 km]
In morning, visit of Hindu temple of Bhima Kali. We join the superb valley of Baspa. From there, a narrow track curves through the mountain and leads initially to Sangla, then at Chitkul, the last village of the valley.

Day 06: Valley of Baspa (3450 m)
Day of rest or exploration of many villages, which mark out the valley of Baspa. Second night in camp in Chitkul.

Day 07: Chitkul - Doria Camp (4000 m) [5/6 H of walk]
We go up initially the Baspa river then we will slant towards the south through wood. Stiff rise to the meadow of Doria. Camping, at the bottom of the forest.

Day 08: Doria Camp - Zupika Gad (4500 m) [4/5 H of walk]
The rise continues through increasingly mineral landscapes and by relatively soft inclined tracks. Camping at Zapika Gad.

Day 09: Zupika Gad - Barasu pass (5150 m) - Lal Pathar (4450 m) [5/6 H of walk]
We will climb through landscapes of High Mountain in direction of the pass of Barasu (5150 m). After passing the pass, we will go down again to the camping of Dohra Nallas.

Day 10: Lal Pathar - Har Ki Doon (3550 m) [5/6 H of walk]
Long descent from the high valley of Ton. Camping in the splendid mountain pastures of Har Ki Doon.

Day 11: Har Ki Doon - Osla (2550 m) [4/5 H of walk]
Descending continues while the valley tightening. Camping close to the traditional village of Osla, highest perched of the valley.

Day 12: Osla - Ruinsara Tal (3321m) [5/6 H of walk]
Increase in a side valley in direction of the east through a pines forest. Camping close to the Lake Ruinsara Tal.

Day 13: Ruinsara Tal - base Camp of Yamunotri Pass (4200 m) [5 H of walk]
The vegetation rarefies progressively. Camping at the bottom of pass of Yamunotri.

Day 14: Base camp - Yamunotri pass (5170 m) > Damni (3965m) [6/7 H of walk]
We go through again an environment of High Mountain. We will have to pass some snow banks before arriving to the pass of Yamunotri (5170 m). Long Re descending until the mountain pastures of Damni. Long day of walk! Camping.

Day 15: Damni - Yamunotri. (3200 m) [3/4 H of walk]
Short day of walk, we will find the forest and soon we will arrive at the sacred place of Yamunotri, which we will visit, in company of many pilgrims and sadhus. Camping.

Day 16: Yamunotri - Hanuman Chatti (2150 m) [4 H of walk]
Descending by a very good path taken by hundreds of thousands of pilgrims and sadhus. End of trek. Overnight stay in a lodge or camping close to Hanuman Chatti.

Day 17: Hanuman Chatti - Haridwar [7/8 H of road - 200 km]
The road curves to the valley of Yamuna in direction of south, in direction of Haridwar. Discover of the city and of its ghats. Overnight stay at the hotel.

Day 18: Haridwar - Delhi [6H of road - 240 km]
Road for Delhi. Transfer and night at the hotel located in the the center of Delhi.

Day 19: Delhi - international airport
Free Day. Transfer in the evening to the international airport.

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