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7 good reasons to go for a Trip to Nepal

    Following the earthquakes in April and May 2015, the Shanti Travel Team thank all those who contributed to this tremendous outpouring of solidarity for the people of Nepal.
    It will probably take a few years to overcome the scars of the disaster but, meanwhile, we are convinced that the best way to help the people of Nepal is to continue to travel in this Himalayan kingdom.

    Why to travel to Nepal for holidays and trekking in 2016?

  • Religious Diversity of Nepal – Between Hinduism and Buddhism the spiritual fervor near the temples of Nepal transport you to the heart of an ancient culture.
  • Best place for trekking holidays. Only 3 of the 35 trekking routes got affected by the recent earthquake, there are still lot of trekking trails to be explored. Treks in Nepal are safe!
  • Marvel at the timeless beauty of Annapurna. This dream destination for trekkers offers a wide range of routes that were untouched by the earthquake. There is a trek for everyone! You can also try picking up adventurous activities like para-gliding and rafting.
  • Explore the national parks from Chitwan to Bardia to see and adore the Wild elephants, One-horned Rhinos and various species of birds.
  • The Nepalese people are jovial, friendly and charming. They will be happy to show you their beloved country. Their openness is a beautiful blend of tradition and modernity.
  • Discover the little villages where time seems to stand still. You will be spellbound by this casual atmosphere. Try the experience of staying overnight with the locals and learn how to make momos: delicious Tibetan dumplings.
  • The country of Mount Everest will surprise you by the diversity of its landscapes. From the tropical jungle to the snowy peaks, a trip to Nepal is amazing!

Tours and Trekking in Nepal

We strongly encourage all travelers to return to this fantastic country, which depends highly on tourism.

Shanti Travel is a local trekking agency in Nepal with an office in Kathmandu.

Shanti Travel invites you to discover the Himalayan kingdom of Nepal with its team of travel experts based in Kathmandu. Specialists in creating authentic tours and treks in Nepal, our travel experts will suggest you a unique Nepal tour itinerary to match your Himalayan desires. Let them know about your expectations and fly with confidence for your trip to the Himalayas!

Crowned by the majestic Himalayan range where the highest mountains tower above everything, Nepal is an adventurous yet charming nation. One trip would never be enough to unravel all of its secrets. Its history, the rich culture and traditions of its ethnically diverse community coupled with the beauty of its landscapes are the perfect setting for creating some of the best memories and realizing some of the best treks in the world.

Serene Buddhist temples and heritage palaces surround you on one side and while the mountains encircle the valley of Kathmandu, another kingdom in the sky, on the other side. The abode of snow, the Himalayas, attracts mountain climbers, adventurers and dare devils indiscriminately for trekking in Nepal. Nepal has the prestige of boasting the supreme Mount Everest on its map, which has led the shy kingdom to become a haven for hiking tours, climbing, walking, mountaineering and adventure holidays. A trekking holidays in Nepal would showcase its sublime beauty, rustic charm and friendly locals.

In this trekking Mecca, the majority of itineraries are conventional, and suggest the same trails that tourists have been using for years. Although classic itineraries retain some charm, Shanti Travel, which is a Himalayan trekking specialist, prefers to help you come up with your own unique itinerary taking you far from the frequented tourist spots and allowing you to discover a more authentic Nepal. For group trekking tours, we can organize your trekking holidays in the Himalayas using the expert trekking services of Nepalese locals and porters.

If the allure of the Himalayan Mountains is too strong for you to resist, take a look at our existing Nepal trip itineraries below or simply contact us to help us design your very own tailor made Nepal tour. Our Himalayan experts are waiting to create an unforgettable journey for you.

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Our suggestions for tailor-made tours to Nepal for Trekking and Discovery Tours

From 1138 $
/ person

In the eyes of the Machhapuchre
In the eyes of the Machhapuchre

> An exclusive trekking, totally off the beaten tracks
> Authentic villages
> Beautiful and various landscapes, with a splendid view on the sacred peak of the Machhapuchre all along the itinerary

From 2825 $
/ person

Boudhanath in Nepal & Punakha Festival in Bhutan
Boudhanath in Nepal & Punakha Festival in Bhutan

> Discovery of Bhutan
> Roam the Royal Chitwan National Park
> Participation in the festival of Punakha

From 969 $
/ person

Sojourn in the Kathmandu Valley and Pokhara
Sojourn in the Kathmandu Valley and Pokhara

> The sheer beauty of the Kathmandu Valley
> The discovery of Newar architecture and traditional villages
> Exceptional views of the Himalayan chain

From 3160 $
/ person

Between Nepal and Bhutan
Between Nepal and Bhutan

> Discovering the engaging provinces of Nepal and Bhutan

> Breathtaking cultural and natural heritage

> Charming accommodation and facilities

An other Annapurna

Nepal | 21 days

From 1675 $
/ person

An other Annapurna
An other Annapurna

> An original itinerary as well as exceptional, just next to the high peaks of the Annapurna massif
> Nipalese and Tibetan traditional villages, whose Naar, a village perched at the « end of the world »
> The professionalism of a supervising staff

From 1269 $
/ person

Gokyo and the Everest base camp
Gokyo and the Everest base camp

> The most beautiful moutain landscapes of the Himalayan world
> Various landscapes, from forest to high moutain
> The encounter with the Sherpa population and its legendary welcome

From 2250 $
/ person

The high passes of the Everest
The high passes of the Everest

> The most beautiful mountain landscapes of the Himalayan world
> An original itinerary as well as exceptional
> The encounter with the Sherpa population and its legendary welcome

From Taj Mahal to Kathmandu

Uttar Pradesh | 16 days

From 2941 $
/ person

From Taj Mahal to Kathmandu
From Taj Mahal to Kathmandu

> Discover some of the most stunning areas of India and Nepal

> Wonder at the scenery and cultural sights

> Arrive in Varanasi by traditional boat on the Ganges

From 3213 $
/ person

Mustang : The Forbidden Kingdom
Mustang : The Forbidden Kingdom

> A discovery of the mythical kingdom of Mustang
> A relatively remote and less visited area protected from the summer monsoon
> Magnificent landscapes and authentic villages

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