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    Agence de voyage au Madhya Pradesh en Inde du Nord

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    Voyage sur mesure au Madhya Pradesh en Inde du Nord

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7 good reasons to go for Madhya Pradesh tour in 2016-2017

  • Known as the “heart of India”, a region which is often ignored in conventional itineraries. There is lot to be explored that can surprise you pleasantly.
  • One of the best destinations in India for Tiger safaris and to see the Royal Bengal tiger closely. Whenever you plan a Madhya Pradesh tour, a visit to Bandhavgarh national park is must.
  • Blessed by Mother Nature, Madhya Pradesh is full of wonderful natural sites, impressive Raneh Falls and impressive rocky banks of the Betwa River in Orchha are to name a few.
  • The obvious beauty of the Khajuraho group of temples will take your breath away and also the lesser known sites but equally essential as Gwalior and Maheshwar.
  • Think outside the box during your holidays to Central India and meet some great people who are unaccustomed to travelers but very gracious like anywhere else that you will find during your travel to India.
  • Discover the sacred places of Hindus in Ujjain or by following the path of Buddhist devotees circling the great stupa of Sanchi.
  • Exceptional accommodation, a mix between boutique hotels, old royal palaces and night with the locals to share the daily life of local families who will receive you as friends.

Holidays to Central India in Madhya Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh means The Middle Region, and rightly so. Carrying the moniker the Heart of India, this state is located in Central India and is the second largest state by area in the country. Till date, Madhya Pradesh has been the road less travelled and has been an elusive region on the travel maps of tourists in India. But this is slowly changing, as the hidden heritage, cultures; temples, tourist attractions, tribal life and wildlife of the state are being unearthed.

Are you thinking of how to plan a trip to Madhya Pradesh?

The largest city in the state is known as Indore. Boasting architectural grandeur and historical enigma, Indore has many prominent buildings of interest spanning many cultural eras such as British and Mughal reigns. Orchha is a former princely state in the Bundelkhand region, which houses a spectacular palace-fort on the banks of the Betwa River. The Lakshmi temple in Orchha is another splendid from of architecture in this quaint town. Your Madhya Pradesh tour will take you to the incredible town of Khajuraho, known worldwide for its erotic sculptures set in the lush countryside that have inspired the likes of Kamasutra. The Khajuraho Group of Monuments has made Khajuraho one of the most popular tourist destinations in India. It has also been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

A tour to Madhya Pradesh will take you through the city of Gwalior, known for its forts and palaces, the ruined city of Mandu, and Maheshwar on the banks of the River Narmada known for its Ahilya Fort. Any Madhya Pradesh travel guide would definitely recommend Omkareshwar, a Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Shiva on a tiny island on the River Narmada, believed to be in the shape of the mythical Om symbol. A traveler can revel in the pious atmosphere of the ancient city of Ujjain or dream of the brave wars fought atop the fort in Jhansi. Also known as the “Tiger State of India”, Madhya Pradesh is home to 19% of India’s Tiger population and 10% of the entire world. The state has 11 national parks, 3 biosphere reserves several wildlife sanctuaries including the famed Bandhavgarh National Park, the bird sanctuary at Karera, Pench National Park, Panna National Park and Kanha National Park.

Shanti Travel can design tailor made holidays to Central India and in Madhya Pradesh, clubbing travel in other states in North India as well.

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From 733 $
/ person

Rajasthan to Varanasi, in the Heart of Hinduism
Rajasthan to Varanasi, in the Heart of Hinduism

> History and spirituality
> An immersion in to Hindu culture
> Accommodation steeped in history

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Temples and Palaces of Central India
Temples and Palaces of Central India

> Explore areas with a rich historical heritage away from the usual tourist routes

> Marvel at the historical sights and scenery

> Immerse yourself in the world of Hinduism.

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From Kipling's Jungle to the Banks of the Ganges
From Kipling's Jungle to the Banks of the Ganges

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> Enjoy a slower pace with time to go for walks and meet local people.

> Experience the culture shock of India’s holiest river

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Palaces and Wildlife of Madhya Pradesh
Palaces and Wildlife of Madhya Pradesh

> The combination of culture and nature

> An amazing variety of flora and fauna

> The charm of accommodations, from palaces to lodges

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