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Adventure Programs

* : EASY

For any traveler in good physical condition or a practitioner who practices sport once in a while. This kind of program includes at least specific and short walks, sometimes several consecutive stages of walk ranging from 3h to 5h per day, and exceptionally for 6 hours. No difficulties related to altitude at the time of the walk. The transfers from one site to the other are done in private vehicles most of the time and housing is arranged in hotels, guest-houses, camp-sites, or sometimes in private homes.


For confirmed hikers practicing sporting activities on a regular basis. This kind of program generally includes between 7 and 12 days of walking, with daily hikes ranging from 5 to 7 hours. Altitude can occasionally be an element to be taken into account.


For well-trained hikers maintaining their physical prowess regularly. Between 9 and 20 consecutive days of walking with stages ranging from 5 to 8 hours. The passage of one or more mountain passes (+5000 m) is often included within the program. It is with this type of difficulty that the majority of the traditional treks are done.

Hikers completely confident in their physical shape, which they maintain and improve on a daily basis. Between 15 and 25 days of walking with stages ranging from 6 to 9h. Several mountain passes (+ than 5000 m), some passages with a minimum of technique (snow-covered slopes… rocky trails), a distance and a commitment more important than in the other programs define this kind of program. Expeditions on high altitude mountain tops. Appearance of technical difficulties related to the ground.

Discovery Programs

For any traveler wishing to discover new horizons.

Specific and short walks in the major sites of the program or particularly interesting ones, are optional. This kind of program most of the time allows communication by cellphone (our guides and drivers are always provided with a cellphone) and you are never quite far away from a big city (except in Ladakh!). Accommodation includes almost exclusively a hotel (sometimes a night in Boat a House in Kerala or a Camp-site in Rajasthan), except in the Himalayas (camp-site most of the time). Connections between these spots are done in private vehicles (minibus, Ambassador, 4x4 Toyota, etc. - according to the areas), sometimes by plane, train, and exceptionally by “Deluxe Bus”.

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