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A English - Hindi Lexicon

Our drivers are familiar with the roads leading into towns, villages and the famous attractions of North India. At your disposal during your entire stay, they will provide you with quality service. You can count on them to take you from one place to another at any time of your stay. They are available at your beck and call for 8 hours a day, between 7 am and 10 pm.

Used to travelling with foreign customers, they know their specific needs and preferences. They also remain in constant contact with our Delhi office to enable us to assist you anytime, anywhere.

Some drivers do not have a very good knowledge of English, so we offer below a small, simple glossary to help you improve your communication with them. You will also find, with your travel documents, maps to use to make the driver understand what you want.

Shanti strongly condemns the commissions charged by shops and hotels, and to avoid them, we pay your driver a bonus at the end of your stay if he has respected your freedom during all your tours and activities. Do not hesitate to consult our experts to learn more about it.

Welcome / Swagat

Hello Namasté
Good bye Alvida
Thank you Dhanyabad / Sukriya
Yes Han
No Nahi
Good Achha / Tik hai
I agree Main Sahmat hoon
How are you ? Aap kaise hai ?
I am French. Main French hoon.
I don’t understand you Main aapko nahi samajh sakta.
I am sorry Mujhe maaf kar do.
My name is … Mera name … hai.

Questions / Parsand

Can you help me please ? Kya kripya aap meri madad kar sakte h0
Do you speak English ? Kya aap English bolte ho ?
Can you repeat please ? Kripya aap dohra sakte hai ?
Can you speak slowly ? Kya aap dhire bol sakte hai ?
Where can we find … Hum kahan mil sakte hai ?
How ? Kaise hua ?
Why ? Kyu ?
When ? Kab ?
Where ? Kahan ?

Timing and meeting / Samey aur meeting

What time is it ? Kya baj gaye ?
Tomorrow Kal
Yesterday Kal
Tonight Aaj raat
Today Aj

At the restaurant / Restaurant per

I would like to have a coffee please. Main coffee chahta hoon.
How much is it ? Kitna hai ?
To eat Khana
To drink Pina

Useful words / Mehatvapurna baat hein

Railway station Railway Station
Airport Habai adda
The price Mulya/keemat
Spoon Chammach
Fork Kanta
Knife Chaku
Glass Shishe ka bartan
Bank Adhikosh
Post office Dak ghar
Doctor / ODP Chikitsak
Hospital Aspatal / Chikitsalaya
The bill Bill
Hospital Aspatal / Chikitsalaya
The bill Bill
Stop Rukna / Ruko
Bathroom Snan ghar/ Guslkhana
Chemist Rasayanagh
Mosquito repellent Machchar
Toilet paper Shouchalya kagaj
More Adhik/jyada
Less Kam
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