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Why travel with our travel agency?

Living like a local on the other side of the world

Living like a local on the other side of the world

Living like a local on the other side of the world

Travel to Asia with your local travel agency specialised in tailor-made holidays.

The best way to immerse yourself in a country and learn the culture and traditions is, in our opinion, to live like a local. That includes staying in someone’s home, tasting the local cuisine and even being part of your host’s day to day life. During your trip to Asia discover the unconditional hospitality of the people as they welcome you with open arms into their home. You’ll feel at home even when you’re thousands of miles away from home.

A lifestyle refresh in Asia: your home away from home

Check out our suggested itineraries that include stays in homestays and guesthouses. We have chosen villages and communities in each of our destinations which will provide you with a true insight into local life. Holiday in the heart of the Indian Himalayas in Spiti, in the Annapurnas of Nepal, on the Burmese borders or with the forgotten tribes of Sumatra and Sulawesi in Indonesia. We’ll provide you with information as to how to minimise the negative impact of tourism to ensure proper distribution of income and the preservation of the lifestyles and traditions of the communities that you meet.

Thanks to our wealth of knowledge and expertise, we are able to organise these immersive trips for you that truly expose you to the country’s cultures and traditions in the most authentic way possible. Contact your Travel Expert in Asia today and organise your trip to Asia, to your home away from home.

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7 reasons to travel to Asia for a lifestyle refresh and a new perspective

7 reasons to travel to Asia for a lifestyle refresh and a new perspective

  1. The locals open their doors to their country and their home and share with you their traditions, lifestyles and cultures

  2. Responsible travel: we make sure that your visit to any homestay in Asia is an experience which provides the local people and economy with a positive impact

  3. A variety of authentic accommodations: homestays, guesthouses, houseboats, monasteries, tents… There’s plenty of places to sleep that will give you a new perspective on life back home

  4. The legendary hospitality of the people of Asia: you will be welcomed with open arms and wide smiles, served coffee, tea and chai as your share stories and moments that go beyond words

  5. Travel to Asia for a lifestyle change in a small group or on your own. There’s something for everyone!

  6. Unique and sometimes unusual experiences: spend the day with your host as your hike across mountains to find food and water

  7. Discover regions of Asia which are often forgotten or dismissed like the Spiti in the Indian Himalayas or the mountain monasteries in Central Tibet
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