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Our suggestions for tailor-made Sun SOS tours

Bali, in the Heart of Nature
Indonesia - Bali
Cultural immersion
16 days / from £996
Sri Lankan Nature and Culture
Sri Lanka
Cultural immersion
8 days / from £908
Tropical Escape to Palawan
Cultural immersionRest & RecuperationRomantic Escapes
10 days / from £1760
Discovering South East Asia
Cultural immersion
16 days / from £4631
The Essentials of the Philippines
FamilyCultural immersionRest & Recuperation
12 days / from £2240
The Horizons of Bali
Indonesia - Bali
Cultural immersion
8 days / from £758
Break in the Visayas and Palawan Archipelago
Cultural immersionRest & Recuperation
13 days / from £1991
Family Trip to the Philippines
Family fun!
12 days / from £1561
From Tamil Nadu to Kerala
India - South India - Tamil Nadu
13 days / from £1148
Getaway to the Maldives
Sri Lanka - Maldives
Romantic Escapes
6 days / from £630
Sri Lanka and the Maldives
Sri Lanka - Maldives
Cultural immersion
10 days / from £1297
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Why travel with our travel agency?

Sun SOS holidays

Sun SOS holidays

Sun SOS holidays

Travel to Asia with your local travel agency specialised in tailor-made holidays.

Avoid the cold, dark days of winter and travel closer to the equator for some well-needed sun, to keep your spirits high and your body warm. Travel to Asia to enjoy the rays of sunshine that shine across the terraced rice fields of Bali, the tea plantations of Sri Lanka and warm the sandy beaches of the Philippines.

Tailor-made holidays and trips to sunny Asia

We know how tough winter can be with its dark days, gloomy weather and constant rain, so we thought we’d design some holidays that get you away from winter and straight into the warmth of Asia to help you restore, refresh and top up the tan! If you’re sun-searching and soul-searching, a tailor-made trip to the Philippines perfectly combines nature, sunshine and beaches. Consider visiting Vietnam to travel by boat up the Mekong River under the sun’s rays to warm you up from within. Sri Lanka offers all year round sun as the monsoon moves from coast to coast, so you can be sure that if you holiday to Sri Lanka in search of some warm sun, you’ll avoid the strong torrential rains that Sri Lanka is dealt with. If that’s not enough for you and you’re still in search for some more sun, why not finish off your Sri Lankan holiday with a few days on the pristine beaches of the Maldives. Unparalleled beauty and priceless hospitality, we can be sure you’ll be returning home feeling warm. An then there’s Bali, the island of the God’s, blessed with warm, sunny days for you to spend on the beach soaking up rays, or up in the jungle doing yoga as the sun begins to set over the island.

Check out our suggested itineraries that get you straight into the sun. All programs are fully customisable so you can spend your holiday just the way you like it. Don’t forget to pack the sunscreen and we’ll see you under the rays!

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7 reasons to go in search for some sun

7 reasons to go in search for some sun

  1. A little bit of sunshine in the middle of winter is a great way to fight the gloomy vibes or grey skies and short days

  2. Dip your toes in the water as you cool off from the midday heat: pick from white, black or pink sand beaches!

  3. Recharge your batteries in the tropics: relaxation, wildlife exploration, and day time resting in the sun – what more could you wish for?

  4. Discover the brightest thing of all in Asia, the people’s smiles. It’s the hospitality and kindness of the people that will warm your heart as the sun browns your skin

  5. Take advantage of our local expertise: we’ll let you know where best to go so you don’t get caught in torrential rains and wild monsoons

  6. Spend your days relaxing on the beach catching rays, topping up on vitamin D so you can go back to work with a healthy smile on your face

  7. Your sun-searching holiday designed just for you: all our programs are tailor-made so you can be sure your holiday in the sun is just what you want
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