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When to travel to Myanmar?

Myanmar is one of the most enigmatic countries in Southeast Asia, hosting diverse regions from mountains and plains to tropical beaches, which explains the diversity in the country’s climate. Nevertheless, regardless of the season, when you travel to Myanmar you can expect to be greeted by warm days with moderate humidity, but definitely heat!

Overall, the areas in the south, and Yangon in particular, are more humid and exposed to the monsoon rains. Towards the centre of the country, around Bagan and Mandalay, the climate is less humid, but warmer. In mountainous areas such as Kalaw and Inle Lake, the climate is generally cooler due to the altitude. Depending on which season you travel to Myanmar and which region of the country you choose to explore, you will experience a different climate.

Generally, it can be said that Myanmar has three seasons:

  • The hot season: March to May: During the hot season, temperatures can easily rise up to 40░C in the centre of the country, making visits to the grand temples of Bagan slightly arduous at the hottest hours of the day. On the other hand, there are fewer tourists during this time of the year and you can enjoy the temples to yourself. This season is a great opportunity to get some fresh air in the mountains of Shan State or on Inle Lake.
  • The rainy season: End of May to October: This is the monsoon season in Myanmar, especially at Yangon and the Golden Rock of Kyaiktiyo, where heavy showers can be expected, making many roads impassable. This is also the hurricane season in Myanmar. Nevertheless, it is definitely possible to travel to Myanmar during the rainy season, despite of the weather. You simply have to venture north towards Mandalay or Bagan or towards the northeast of the country (Kyaingtong, Kalaw, Inle Lake) where the rains are much less frequent.
  • The dry season: November to February: This period, after the monsoon and before the heat arrives, is the best season to travel to Myanmar. You can expect sunny days that are not too hot. Temperatures in Yangon usually hover around 30░C and can range from 18░C to 26░C during the day in Mandalay and Bagan. As soon as you reach higher altitudes, temperatures can drop below 10░C at night, especially on Inle Lake. During the dry season you can travel throughout the country in good conditions and tourism is in full swing. Although this is the most pleasant time to travel to Myanmar it is also the time when the prices of hotels are at their highest.

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