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Responsible travel and sustainable tourism

Shanti Travel and sustainable tourism

Since the day Shanti Travel was established in 2005, Alexandre Le Beuan, the founder, has always been committed to promoting sustainable tourism and responsible travel. Shanti Travel supports a number of organisations and events in the destinations it is based in and sends travellers to. These events and organisations work towards the preservation of the lands, cultures and traditions by working closely with locals and educating tourists.

Promoting sustainable tourism also involves teaching guests about the country they are visiting and adding value to authentic encounters which celebrate the host country’s cultures and traditions. Respect for others is an immensely important value for the Shanti Travel team and it is with this in mind that we continue to share these destinations with our guests.

What does it mean to be a travel agency that is committed to sustainable tourism and responsible travel?

Social and sustainable action for the population…

As Shanti Travel is based directly in the destinations that you visit, we can make sure that local people benefit directly from your visits and holidays. We work with a number of small hotels, guides and local drivers who are paid directly. Their earnings will directly contribute to the local economy, cutting out the middle man that often takes their share. We think that it is most important to support the local people and economy to where we are guests and we strive to do this in every context.

… and four our teams

Our employees benefit from health insurance coverage and we comply with labour legislation in each country. Our way or working sensitises teams and local populations to the challenges of tourism. Shanti Travel provides appropriate training for all employees, including drivers and guides. One of our former drivers in India is now an IT manager at the Delhi branch! Our local teams grow with us.

Preservation of the local culture…

For each and every one of our trips, we provide our guests with local information and accepted and expected behaviour whilst holidaying with us in Asia. Our guests are met by their Travel Expert who will explain cultural norms and the importance in respecting these in order to help preserve culture. We really try to make sure that our guests discover and appreciate a culture before judging.

The welcome pack that our guests are provided with includes addresses to lots of local shops and eateries to help support the local economy, which may not be found in travel guides or on the internet.

… and the planet

To compensate for the high carbon footprint of your trip to Asia, we propose to plant trees in Ladakh and Europe with an association which works against deforestation. We also try to reduce the amount of plastic that we use, both in the office and by our guests. We work with hotels that only use glass bottles and our drivers provide our guests with a gallon and refillable bottles. Within the office we try to keep the use of paper to a minimum.

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