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Burma is a land of sheer enigma that has strongly preserved its authenticity and simplicity. Holidays to Burma are like no other: visit the temples of Bagan, explore colonial Yangon or simply become charmed by the Burmese hospitality. Exploring Burma will bring a sense of tranquillity and calm to your life as you explore this enchanting country.

Burma has only recently opened its borders to tourism, so its landscapes, cities and traditions have been left untouched by the outside world. For so many years there was a sense of magical mystery to Burma, and whilst the country is now open to visitors, this atmosphere has not disappeared. The untouched lands can be a refreshing site compared to many sites in Asia, but it is Burma’s authentic culture and religion, and the kind people, that truly captivate the traveller. Check out our suggested itineraries and contact us today so we can start designing your magical holiday to Burma.

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Travel to Burma/Myanmar

Travel to Burma Myanmar

Travel to Burma/Myanmar

Travel to Burma with a specialized travel agency

A visit to Burma is a unique experience that exposes you to a myriad of cultures as you wonder through this country, exploring and discovering sites still untouched by tourism. Discover Burma’s cultural heritage as you travel through this fascinating and mesmerizing country.

Burma: The enchanting land of gold

Burma, also known as Myanmar, is a land of hidden gems and glories. Located in South East Asia and nestled between India, China, Thailand, Bangladesh and Laos, Burma has remained a mystery. Cut off from the rest of the world for so many years, the gates have no opened to travellers. Traditional, mythical, timeless, poetic and tribal – travelling to Burma is akin to travelling back in time. A cradle of an ancient civilization, Burma still fiercely latches on to its rich heritage and culture. Located on the crossroads of the Indian subcontinent and the Far East, the enchanting scenery of this land of legends is what dreams are made of.

Burma’s colours

Diversity and beauty intertwine to conjure the surreal colours of Myanmar. The destinations in Myanmar are unique, whether it’s the verdant floating gardens on the turquoise waters of the Inle Lake or the untouched pristine Mergui Archipelago. A trip to Burma can take you to the crystal clean waters of the Ngapali beaches of the intense emerald mountains around Putao. The blood red rubis from Mogok, the tribal trails of Kalaw and the jungles of Toungo… travel to Burma and you will revel in adventure and unparalleled experiences. Visit the Shwedagon Pagoda in Rangoon, tour the royal Mandalay Palace, and no trip to Burma is complete without a visit to the temples of Bagan.

The faces of Burma

Burma is home to over 135 distinct ethnic groups all of whom welcome you to their country and home with smiles as bright as the sun that shines down on the golden land. Travelling through Burma takes you on an emotional journey as you meet and interact with people whose stories and backgrounds are based around hope and belief, and it is near impossible to leave this country untouched by the stories you hear and the experiences you encounter.

Contact us today to start planning your holiday to Burma and to soon embark on a discovery of culture, heritage, tribal minorities, crafts, festivals, diving, trekking and safaris.

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7 reasons to travel to Burma

7 reasons to travel to Burma

  1. Burma’s diverse landscapes are truly exceptional, reflecting Burma’s culture and traditions

  2. Avoid the crowd and discover one of Asia’s most untouched countries. For those looking to travel the path less trodden, Burma is the place for you

  3. Travel to Burma to explore the country’s rich and varied history which culminates with the discovery of an exceptional kingdom in the temples of Bagan

  4. Meet and interact with the locals who will welcome you into their homes and offer you tea and local snacks

  5. Burmese crafts are charms are often a portrayal of the countries culture and traditions which make great memories, keepsakes and gifts

  6. Trekking tours in Burma take you along the path less travelled, from Putao in the Himalayas to Mount Victoria in the Chin State

  7. Burma is a photographers paradise, whether you are looking for portraits, architecture shots of the most beautiful sunsets, this country will not disappoint
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Our suggestions for tailor-made tours to Myanmar (Burma): Discovery and Trekking

Hidden Treasures of South Burma
Hidden Treasures of South Burma
13 days  /  1913€
Relics and Jewels of Burma
Relics and Jewels of Burma
Expert travellerRest & Recuperation
6 days  /  1456€
Splendors of the Golden Land
Splendors of the Golden Land
Friendly encounters
10 days  /  2181€
The Golden Rock to the Bay of Bengal
The Golden Rock to the Bay of Bengal
15 days  /  2599€

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