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Rajendra: North India Travel Expert
Rajendra: North India Travel Expert

After completing my Master’s Degree in Tourism Management, I started working in the travel industry in 2006. I subsequently joined the Shanti Travel team in March 2010. I have travelled throughout India to gain firsthand experience and information about several destinations. Travelling is my passion and India’s diversity intrigues me, which pushes me to learn more and more about my country. I have over seven years’ experience in the travel industry, working as a guide and now as a Travel Expert. My vast experience & destination knowledge helps me to create memorable trips for my guests.

Ashvin: North India Travel Expert
Ashvin: North India Travel Expert

I got the wings to my travel bug from my parents as both of them are big travel enthusiasts. My favourite travel partner is my Dad because we both share the same love for the Himalayas. I am a native of Uttar Pradesh which is basically a major agricultural state in India but ironically I have never experienced farming. I possess a strong love for my country and enjoy passing on this passion for my land to the travellers in an exciting and educational manner which will leave them with a lasting memory of India. You ask me the best ways to travel in India to have a life time journey and I will provide you with many options. India for me is not just a destination but an experience, you actually live India while you travel through it.

I am now based in Delhi, the vibrant national capital. I completed my masters in Tourism in 2017 and joined this dynamic industry all set to turn dreams of travellers into reality. I am happiest when I am designing itineraries for our guests travelling to India, training with the Shanti Travel creators and offering more authentic ways for other travellers to discover India.

My favourites in India : Obviously food, folklores, spiritual vibes and train journeys are the best. I am in love with the relaxing atmosphere and unparalleled beauty of Himalayas.

Must try in India : Eat local and stay local.

My only advice to travellers coming to India will be to expect the unexpected as there are a lot of surprises waiting for you in India.

Ritika: North India Travel Expert
Ritika: North India Travel Expert

Hello I am Ritika. I was born and raised in Delhi.  Before joining Shanti travel, I worked as an air hostess for several years and got the opportunity to travel the  world.  I have a passion for travelling and language learning. Nothing makes me more happy than immersing myself completely in the culture of every new place I visit. After visiting Germany, I had a desire to learn the German language to understand the German culture and History better.  I started learning German and it has been a very interesting Journey since then. I am very fond of German language and culture.


India is an alluring country. The vast and the mystic land of India is perhaps the only nation in the World that presents an ingenious explode of cultures, languages, religions and races. The culture of the nation despite being diverse has certain common features.  After travelling extensively all over India, I have liked Rajasthan and Kerala the most.  With Shanti travel, I work as a German language travel expert and use my experience to help other travellers.

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