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Transportation in Myanmar

While transportation in Myanmar might not be the most straightforward thing, it is not as challenging as it looks! Local means of transport such as taxis and rickshaws are generally reasonably priced and easy to find. Most importantly, locals are always smiling and happy to help direct you to the nearest taxi or help you find an alternative means of transport.

Below is some information on the different modes of transportation in Myanmar:

Road conditions and traffic

Things are changing fast in Myanmar and so are the roads and transportation infrastructure within the country. Although many roads still have potholes and bumps, the overall condition has improved a lot on the country's main axes, especially between Yangon and Mandalay. The journey times by car and bus have therefore shortened somewhat and driving still remains the most common mode of transportation in Myanmar. In Yangon however, there are now more and more traffic jams due to new legislations and a ban on motorbikes that was enforced in 2003. Foreigners cannot rent a car without a driver in Myanmar, but you will always find some means of transport whatever your journey (taxi in Yangon, motorbike taxi in Mandalay, horse-drawn cart in Bagan, etc..). Despite driving on the right side of the road, do not be surprised to get into a car with the steering wheel on the right!

The trains

Taking the train in Myanmar is a journey in itself! Some railways date back to the colonial era and the trains can be very run down, adding to the authentic experience. Travel is slow, uncomfortable and trains are rarely punctual, making it one of the less efficient methods of transportation in Myanmar. However, this is an excellent opportunity to watch the landscapes pass by and take a glimpse into the daily life of the Burmese who travel alongside you. Aboard the trains, you will also have the chance to taste lots of small snacks or fruits sold by the numerous street vendors.


Air travel remains the most efficient mode of transportation in Myanmar for long distances. Given the size of the country, it can be very practical or even essential to take domestic flights when getting around in Myanmar. For example, it takes approximately 12 hours in a bus to get from Yangon to Inle Lake compared to a mere 1h10 by plane! Taking internal flights within Myanmar will save you significant time since the main cities and various tourist centers of Myanmar are served by domestic airports. For your flights in Myanmar, we recommend several airlines: Air Mandalay, Yangon Airways, Air KBZ and AsiaWings.

River cruises

Myanmar has many navigable rivers, but the best known, of course, is the Irrawaddy, the river that stretches over 2,000 km long and crosses the country. Today, a major line of communication and transportation in Myanmar still flows along these waters. A number of cruise companies organize cruises of a day or a few days. If you would like to experience a cruise in Myanmar and experience one of the more relaxing methods of transportation Myanmar, we recommend the journey between Mandalay and Bagan. From early morning until mid-afternoon, you will discover beautiful landscapes and life on the river, from cargo ships to children's games by the water as you listen to the sounds of the river..

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