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Volcanoes in Indonesia

Going for a trip on the archipelago without planning for a stop to admire one of the many volcanoes in Indonesia would be such a shame. Below are a few suggestions to help you organise your next holiday in Asia.


You are going to Java during your trip in Indonesia? Don’t miss out on Bromo volcano! Located 100 kilometres away from Surabaya city, it is 2329 metres above sea level. Bromo lays in the middle of a gray plain, an ancient crater, which gives a post-apocalyptic to the area. Even though it is still in activity, this volcano in Indonesia is visited every year by hundreds of tourists, especially at dusk. We recommend you hike Mount Penanjankan, from there you can admire the sun rising over Mount Batok, Semeru volcano and Bromo volcano. Breath-taking!


It is also located on Java Island. Merapi is considered to be the most dangerous volcano in Indonesia because the eruptions are frequent and there are villages right next to it. In 2010, inhabitation were evacuated unfortunately the eruption caused 350 casualties. However, it is possible to hike to the top of this 2,900-meter high volcano. You will walk through paddy fields before reaching the top where the smell of sulphur and the fumaroles can be strong. Merapi volcano is sacred in Javanese culture, before an eruption happens, locals pour offerings in the river to appease the volcano.


If you’re in Bali, you should hike Mount Batur at the end of the day. This hike is available to everyone as it isn’t very difficult. There 2 craters on this 1717-meter high volcano, one on the top and another one inside the volcano that you can see from an altitude of 1,500 meters. During the walk you can observe the small smoking cones formed during the past ten years. Beware, this volcano in Indonesia is very well known from tourists and you won’t be the only one enjoying the stunning view from Mount Batur.


In the North of Lombok is Mount Rinjani. It is 3,726 meters high which makes it the second highest volcano in Indonesia. On the top on this volcano is a vast crater called Lake Segara and a volcanic cone called Barujari. Even though it is still active hiking is possible. You will need 3 days and 2 nights to reach the top, you need to be well prepared and in good physical shape for this trek. For your safety ask for a guide and porters to come with you.


Mount Agung is one of the highest volcanoes in Indonesia, 3,142 meters above sea level. Balinese Hindu believe it is home to spirits. So important they build houses facing the volcano. If you want to climb this volcano, hire a local guide. They will lead the way of course but also give the offerings to the gods and ask permission from them. The hike usually starts around 2AM so you can reach the top by 8AM, and enjoy the stunning view before it gets cloudy. Enjoy the sunrise from the highest point in Bali and then slowly go back down.


Does this name ring a bell? In July 2015, Raung volcano erupted disrupting air traffic above Java and the entire area. It is one of the most active volcanoes in Indonesia. Raung volcano is 3,332 high and the diameter of the crater at the top is 2 kilometres. On the western side there is a stratovolcano, a cone-shaped volcano containing layers of lava and ash.


This volcano, also located in Java, is 1,559 metres high. It is well known for Kawah Ijen, a volcanic crater located on its Western side. This ‘green crater’ consists of the most acid lake in the world it contains a big quantity of sulphur. Equipped with bamboo baskets, everyday workers dig and extract big yellow blocks from the crater. They can carry about 80 kilos each. You can also hike to the top of this volcano during your holiday in Indonesia.

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