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Wellness in Indonesia


For many travellers coming to Indonesia is a great opportunity to practice yoga. In the 1970’s hippies settle in the archipelago and especially in Bali, they discovered yoga. It is an ancestral method of awakening originating from India. It will be very easy to join a class of yoga during your trip to Indonesia or book private sessions at your hotel or your villa. In places like Ubud or Yogyakarta, yoga retreats of several days or weeks are available. You can even enrol for a teacher training.

Traditional medicine

Indonesian traditional medicine is based on plants, fruits and roots nothing chemical in the healing process. In English, jamu can be translated as the art of healing as well as the treatments used. These jamu are suitable for depression, skin problems, rheumatism… You can buy them in the street or in supermarkets, they can be a drink, powder or tablet. A cure can also be tailor-made depending on your needs. For Indonesian healers, body and mind are connected and what affects one affects the other.


Since Elizabeth Gilbert’s novel Eat, Pray, Love was published, Indonesia has become the destination for those in need of spiritual awakening. Meditation is the first and most important tool to reach the enlightenment just like Buddha did. When meditating, you try to control your mind in order to be able to truly understand the world. There are meditative retreats in Indonesia, you can spend 3, 10 or 30 days out of the world, in complete silence to focus on yourself and try to understand the world.

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