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Our suggestions for tailor-made holidays to India

The Golden Triangle
India - North India - Rajasthan
Culture & Discovery
7 days / from $ 771
Luxury Agra to Varanasi
India - North India - Rajasthan
Couples tripChic & Charm
12 days / from $ 3083
Grand Tour of Rajasthan
India - North India
Culture & Discovery
16 days / from $ 1666
Maharaja’s Dreams
India - North India - Rajasthan
Chic & Charm
11 days / from $ 1454
The Great South
India - South India - Tamil Nadu
Culture & Discovery
24 days / from $ 2772
From Tamil Nadu to Kerala
India - South India - Tamil Nadu
13 days / from $ 1541
Ladakh Express
India - North India - Ladakh
Culture & Discovery
8 days / from $ 1084
Pushkar Fair
India - North India - Rajasthan
15 days / from $ 1939
Tigers, Dunes and Palaces
North India - India - Rajasthan
FamilySafari & Wildlife
15 days / from $ 2026
On the Tracks of the Yeti
North India - India - Ladakh
FamilyTrek & Hiking
13 days / from $ 2026
From Indus to Changtang
India - Indian Himalayas - Ladakh
Trek & Hiking
15 days / from $ 2207
Hill Stations of North India
India - East - North East India
Culture & Discovery
8 days / from $ 1498
Horseriding in Shekhawati
North India - India
Safari & Wildlife
11 days / from $ 2175
Kerala: Traditional Ayurveda
South India - India - Kerala
Wellness & WellbeingRest & Recuperation
11 days / from $ 1218
Rajasthan and Gujarat Combined
North India - India - Rajasthan
Culture & Discovery
13 days / from $ 1728
Spices of Kerala
South India - India
Culture & Discovery
14 days / from $ 1399
Tea Producers in Darjeeling
India - East - North East India
Culture & Discovery
11 days / from $ 2381
The Wedding of Maharajas
North India - India - Rajasthan
Couples trip
9 days / from $ 1305
Wildlife in Madhya Pradesh
North India - India - Rajasthan
Safari & Wildlife
Safari enthusiasts!
12 days / from $ 1952
Glimpse India
India - East - North East India
8 days / from $ 1540
Darjeeling Gangtok
6 days / from $ 1197
From the Taj Mahal to Kathmandu
Nepal - India - Katmandou Valley
Culture & Discovery
10 days / from $ 1579
Southwest India Getaway
6 days / from $ 1463
Spiritual India
India - North India
8 days / from $ 1305
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Why travel with our travel agency?

Your Travel Expert

India Travel Expert

Alex, Shanti Travel Founder

Even though I have spent many years in India I still uncover something new to love every day, from the breathtaking Indian Himalayas, to the diversity and ancient majesty of the Northern deserts, to the beauty and charm of the South, this country is a microcosm of the world.

India is bound to hold an abundance of treasures and wonder that makes holidays to India worthwhile.

Visit India, home to over a billion people, contains over 30 unique sub-regions that, when combined, create hundreds of languages, cultures, gods and cuisines, there is something here to please all kinds of travellers. The lunar landscapes, Buddhist tranquillity, and crystal lakes of Ladakh make it one of my favourite places. A trek through the snow deserts will enthral even a seasoned traveller. Rajasthan in North India is worthy of its name. Translated as “Land of the Maharajahs,” this state is dotted with royal palaces, imposing forts, and ancient relics, all against the backdrop of the undulating dunes of the Great Indian Desert. Kerala, with its tranquil backwaters, lush tea gardens, exotic beaches and ancient Ayurveda, is truly the jewel in the South Indian crown. Contact us today to begin planning your holidays to India.

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Travel to India

Travel to India

Holidays to India

Travel to India with a specialized travel agency

Rely on our expert advice and experience with a specialized travel agency and holiday packages India for an experience you won’t forget.

Holidays to India are an unforgettable and rewarding experience, especially for those who wish to seek something different from their daily humdrum. A lifetime of holidays to India would not be enough to unravel the rich cultural experiences that await on your visit to India. We have handpicked the very best India holiday destinations for you. Allow us to tailor make a tour based on your personal interests and travel passions.

Trekking the Indian Himalayas

Trekking in the Indian Himalayas is a rewarding experience inside and out. The northernmost part of the country with its outdoor adventure, fresh air, and beautiful Buddhist temples, make it the best place for holidays to India. The trekking routes and mountain trails in this region provide travellers with a truly magnificent views of the majestic Himalayan peaks, where you will experience unforgettable authentic local encounters that will enthral even a seasoned traveller. The best time for this trip to India to visit Ladakh and the Indian Himalayas is the summer season of May to September.

Tour North India

Rajasthan in North India translates to “Land of the Maharajahs,” and it is well worthy of the name. The state is dotted with royal palaces, imposing forts, and ancient relics, all against the backdrop of the undulating dunes of the Great Indian Desert.

Tours to this part of North India are perfect for travellers seeking cultural discovery among the remnants of historical civilizations. Northern holidays to India can range from discovering Yoga ashrams in the Himalayan foothills of Rishikesh, princely palaces and ancient forts of the Rajputs in Rajasthan, to colonial heritage in Calcutta, and the erotic stone temples of Khajuraho.

North India is a perfect introduction to Indian culture both old and new. Those wishing to venture off the beaten track can visit lesser known but equally enchanting destinations of the Gujarat salt desert or the ethnic tribal communities of the Far East. The best time to explore the North of India is from October to April when you have access to brilliant blue skies and moderate temperatures.

Tour South India

Perhaps you wanted to travel to India in search of lush greenery and a gentler way of life. If so, Southern India is the perfect destination for your holidays to India. Deemed to be "softer" than its Northern counterpart, this region offers the beauty of its beaches (Goa, Kerala, and Andaman Islands), extraordinary mountains of Western Ghats, and intricate heritage temples. Your journey from Mumbai to the Andaman Islands will be studded with mouth-watering coastal food, smiling locals, exuberant nature, and the relaxing pleasures of Ayurveda. This region is pleasantly warm all year but to thoroughly enjoy the South of India, it is best visited in the mild temperatures of winter, from November to March to avoid the heavy rains.

Contact our specialists in India to create your tailor-made holiday to India!

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7 reasons to travel to India

7 reasons to travel to India

  1. A continent within a country, where in every 500 kilometres people speak a different language, follow unique culture and have distinct beliefs

  2. Curiosity, kindness and hospitality of the people will make your travel experience an unforgettable journey. It cannot be explained, it must be experienced

  3. India is about discovering the oldest civilization of the world through its history and ancient monuments rooted with enormous saga of love, faith and wars

  4. Come to India for spiritual quest! Being a birthplace of different religions, this country has helped travellers get in touch with their spiritual self

  5. An internationally renowned cuisine which is as diverse as the country itself. Food in India is all about an array of mouth-watering dishes enhanced with exquisite spices

  6. It is a melting pot of rich bio-diversity that inspired authors like Rudyard Kipling to pen The Jungle Book

  7. The Indian calendar is full of festivals known for its elaborate and colourful practice that will leave a traveller awestruck.
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India Travel Guide

India Travel Guide
India Travel Guide

Discover our India travel guide

From our travel agency to New Delhi, we share with you our expertise in your next trip to India. Small story, lexic and practical information, this travel guide brings together all our travel advice.

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