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Day 1

Welcome to Japan! | 75km - 1h by bus
Welcome to Japan! Upon your arrival in Tokyo, you will be greeted at the airport by an assistant who will help you get back to your hotel by public transport and teach you how to use the transport pass. Depending on your arrival time, why not set out to start your discovery of this bustling metropolis or try some delicious ramen? Get a good night’s sleep and prepare for the first full day of your exciting trip to Japan!
Day 2

Exploration of the capital
After a good night’s sleep, get ready to explore Japan’s bustling capital! In the company of your English-speaking guide, get to the heart of the city by discovering the must-see sites of Tokyo. From the gardens to the imperial palace and finally, a visit to the famous vibrant districts of Tokyo where you will enjoy getting lost and listening to all the little stories from your local guide.
Day 3

Another side of Tokyo
Today, continue your exploration of the Japanese capital and take a walk in the Asakusa district, far from the clichés. Pass through the doors of time as you enter the Asakusa district, the historic center of the capital, and take your time as you breathe the charm of yesteryear in a Tokyo that is not forgotten. This vibrant district is the perfect way to see slip into the country's history on your trip to Japan!
Day 4

Towards Mount Fuji | 90 km - 1h by train
Today, leave the hustle and bustle of Tokyo and make your way to the Mount Fuji region and admire the mythical volcano from Fuji Hakone Izu National Park. Here, you can admire several charming shrines and temples scattered all over the lake. Hakone is also the perfect place to experience the Japanese hot springs called ”onsen” for some relaxation and one of the most peaceful moments of your trip to Japan!
Day 5

Owakudani Volcanic Valley | 400 km – 1h50 by train
After relaxing in the Japanese hot baths, you can enjoy gentle hikes in the park along the lake to reach one of the higlights of Japan: Owakudani Volcanic Valley. Admire its famous fumaroles, steam vents, hot springs and hot rivers. The experience is definitely one of the highlights of a trip to Japan and definitely worth the detour, and on clear days you may have the chance to see a spectacular panoramic view of Mount Fuji.
Day 6

“The Eternal City”
Today, set off to explore Kyoto, nicknamed “the Eternal City”, in the company of your English-speaking guide. Stroll the streets of Kyoto and witness ancient traditions, dazzling architecture and beautiful parks. The shrines and temples of the ancient Japanese capital will transport you to the past and you might be lucky enough to come across a Geiko.
Day 7

Arashiyama Bamboo Grove
Today, you have a free day to explore Kyoto on your own. Why not head to the southwest of the city for a unmissable visit to the Arashiyama Bamboo Grove. A magnificent green pathway, the bamboo grove runs along the Tenryû-ji Temple and leads to a hidden side of Kyoto. The superb bamboos will impress you with their size and the noise they produce when they collide. A moment of great poetry awaits you during this atypical walk!
Day 8

30,000 Torii
To continue your exploration of Kyoto, why not make your way to the largest Shinto shrine in Japan, Fushimi Inari Taisha, where 30,000 torii follow one another forming a red vault winding through the heart of the forest and the mountain. You then continue your journey by discovering the Philosopher’s Path, dotted throughout small temples and shrines. Visit the UNESCO-listed Ginkaku Ji, also known as the Silver Pavilion, a lacquered wooden pavilion surrounded by a soothing, streamlined garden nicknamed "The Sea of ​​Silver Sand".
Day 9

Nara, the city of deers | 45km – 1h by train
Take a day trip to Nara, the former capital of Japan and walk in its large park where you can meet the city’s famous residents: the shika deer. Seeing these friendly animals will delight both young and old! It is very easy to approach them and they will surely come to tease you and search your bags. A great way to get some funny photos!
Day 10

Along the waterways | 230 km – 1h30 by train
Head to Kurashiki, nicknamed little Kyoto. Sitting on the Takahashi River, this city has a well-preserved canal system, built during the Edo period (1803-1867). Kurashiki is famous for the its preserved historic district: Bikan, where it is possible to take a ride in a traditional boat. This former merchant district still has many traditional Japanese houses and warehouses dating from the 17th century, and is definitely going to delight culture and history lovers on this trip to Japan.
Day 11

Japan’s art island | 35km – 1h30 by train and ferry
Today, spend a fun day on the small island of Naoshima, commonly known as “Japan’s art island”. This tiny island is world famous for its modern art museums and is a must-see, especially if you are an art-lover. Take your time admiring the architecture of its buildings and its sculptures which blend in harmony with nature. Don’t forget to take a picture of Yayoi Kusama’s iconic pumpkin sculpture!
Day 12

Site of the atomic bomb | 150 km – 1h by train
At your own pace, you will enjoy a day in Hiroshima to explore this large modern city and its emblematic Peace Memorial Park. You can admire the Genbaku Dome, also known as the Atomic Bomb Dome or the A-Bomb Dome, the building closest to the epicenter that withstood the bombardment and today is a UNESCO World Heritage site, and a symbol of the tragedy. You can also discover Hiroshima Castle, beautifully restored in wood after the bombing of 1945. In the evening why not head to Hon Dori where you can find many restaurants including the best Okonomiyaki in the city!
Day 13

History and temples | 20 km – 30 minutes by ferry
In the company of your English-speaking guide, you will set off for a day of discovery on the island of Miyajima, where you can admire some of the most beautiful torii in Japan. According to ancient myths, it is in Miyajima that men and Gods coexist, represented in the form of deer which roam freely on the island. Visit the numerous shrines and temples, such as Itsukushima-Jinja, Diagan-Ji and Senjokaku, each with its unique atmosphere. History-lovers will enjoy a visit to the Miyajima History and Folk Museum to learn more about life during the Edo period.
Day 14

UNESCO castle of Himeji | 330 km – 1h40 by train
Today on the program is a day trip to Himeji, the ancient feudal town. Its magnificent white castle, nicknamed the Castle of the White Heron, is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Take the time to stroll in the sublime Koko-en garden, not far from the castle, whose beauty can be appreciated in all four seasons. Finally, why not take a walk on Mount Shosha, located on the edge of Himeji? Here you can visit the Engyo-ji, a rarely visited Buddhist complex.
Day 15

Japan’s culinary capital
Spend your last full day in Japan exploring Osaka, the third largest city in the country. On the program: magnificent shrines, the Osaka History Museum and Tenno-ji Park. One of the highlights is a visit to Osaka Castle for a glimpse into the life of a samurai. If you have time, why not head to the observatory of the Umeda Sky building for a stunning view of the city. In the evening, enjoy your last Japanese night out on Osaka's most popular street, Dotonbori Street. It’s the city’s epicenter after dark in the heart of Osaka’s most party district!
Day 16

Goodbye Japan! | 50 km – 1h by train
Enjoy a free half-day in Osaka, a gourmet paradise to explore freely as you wish. According to your flight schedule, make your way to Osaka KIX Airport for your departure flight.

We hope you enjoyed your trip to Japan!

Travel conditions

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  • Government taxes and service taxes.
  • Accommodation as mentioned in the program.
  • Breakfasts.
  • Activities marked "included" as described in the program.
  • The ordinary 14-day JR Pass (Japanese TGV - Shinkansen), unlimited transport (excluding Hiroshima)
  • The Hakone Pass, valid for 2 days.
  • Public transport cards credited with 1500 Yen.
  • Pocket Wi-Fi with unlimited internet access for the duration of your stay.
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  • Visa fees and bank charges for payment by credit card or by bank transfer.
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  • Tips.
  • The main meals (expect to pay between €5 to €15 in a local restaurant/meal/person). Except the meals mentioned in the program.
  • Visits and activities which are only suggested in the detailed itinerary.
  • Entrance fees, excursions and optional activities.
  • Transfers not mentioned and not included with the JR Pass.
  • Luggage transfers.
  • Reloading transport cards.
  • Anything not listed in the "prices include" section.
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