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Maharaja’s Dreams
India - North India - Rajasthan
Chic & Charm
11 days / from $ 1454
Tigers, Dunes and Palaces
North India - India - Rajasthan
FamilySafari & Wildlife
15 days / from $ 2026
Horses, Forts and Villages
13 days / from $ 2751
Luxury Agra to Varanasi
India - North India - Rajasthan
Couples tripChic & Charm
12 days / from $ 3083
Pushkar Fair
India - North India - Rajasthan
15 days / from $ 1939
Rajasthan and Gujarat Combined
North India - India - Rajasthan
Culture & Discovery
13 days / from $ 1728
The Golden Triangle
India - North India - Rajasthan
Culture & Discovery
7 days / from $ 771
The Wedding of Maharajas
North India - India - Rajasthan
Couples trip
9 days / from $ 1305
Wildlife in Madhya Pradesh
North India - India - Rajasthan
Safari & Wildlife
Safari enthusiasts!
12 days / from $ 1952
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Vinod, Rajasthan Travel Expert

Vinod, Rajasthan Travel Expert

The largest state in India, Rajasthan is home to some of India’s most spectacular attractions, including the famous pink city of Jaipur, the Ranthambore National Park, the Thar Desert and many historic palaces. Rajasthan literally means The Land of Kings and this is reflected in its Opulent and ancient fortresses, luxurious Maharajas’ palaces, and heritage havelis.

A visit to north India would not be complete without spending time in this most fascinating state. With a huge variety of attractions and sites, Rajasthan is a popular destination for both first time visitors and return travellers. India is often described as being a microcosm of the world, and in so many ways Rajasthan feels like it’s very own country, chaotic and full of history, culture and traditions. As you travel through one of the jewels of Northern India, Stay and dine at ancient havelis overlooking colourful houses, lose yourself in sprawling fortresses, shop in colourful and cacophonous bazaars, and immerse yourself in the rich culture of royal Rajasthan.

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Travel to Rajasthan

Travel to Rajasthan

Travel to Rajasthan

Travel to Rajasthan with a specialized travel agency

Travel to Rajasthan and experience a majestic slice of North India with Shanti Travel. The largest state in India by land area has so much to offer and we guarantee that you will be coming back for more!

When in Rajasthan…

Travelling through will take you back to the glorious reign of the Rajput dynasty, a clan known for its fierce patriotism, chivalry and opulent style. This land exudes romance through its formidable fortresses, majestic palaces, moonlit sand dunes and sublime lakes. A traveller can taste adventure in the wildlife reserves of West Bengal, or immerse in the cultural festivities of Kolkata. Madhya Pradesh is a jewel of the northern part of India yet to be fully uncovered, boasting of temples, palaces, and historic sites. The majestic and sacred River Ganges is the lifeline of Uttar Pradesh, birthing religious pilgrimage sites and Ghats where it flows.

Romance in Rajasthan

The Taj Mahal is quite rightly so, India’s iconic symbol of love. The atmosphere this incredible site creates spreads across Rajasthan making it the perfect honeymoon destination for newlyweds looking for excitement and discovery. Rajasthan boasts a number of boutique hotels in both the heart of the cities and in remote areas, allowing you to spend time celebrating your marriage in Asia’s state of love, whilst also discovering the magical place that is Rajasthan.

Discovery Holidays in Rajasthan

Being the largest state in India, there is so much to see and discover in Rajasthan. From the colourful culture to the beautiful national parks, a discovery trip to Rajasthan takes you on a journey through time. Visit the Taj Mahal – the iconic symbol of love in India – before exploring the pink city of Jaipur and learning about this wonderful city’s history. From boating in the Udaipur Lake to camel rides in the dunes, there really is no limit to what you can do in Rajasthan. The most popular discovery trip through Rajasthan is a tour of the Golden Triangle which takes you to some of India’s most popular destinations where you can experience India’s vibrant culture. Contact us to book your very own Golden Triangle tour or to design your own Rajasthan trip.

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7 reasons to travel to Rajasthan

7 reasons to travel to Rajasthan

  1. Just few hours away from Delhi and the Taj Mahal, Rajasthan is an ideal destination to start your holidays to India

  2. Go back into the royal past of the Rajputs, discover the heritage palaces, forts, mansions and stepwells which are all considered architectural marvels of the country

  3. A unique opportunity to stay at majestic palaces, glorious havelis and live like a real Maharaja – if only for a short time!

  4. A rich culture that will delight you with its traditional art forms: Dancers, puppeteers and musicians possessed with their soulful songs

  5. The colours of Rajasthan: from the pink city of Jaipur, to the golden yellow Jaisalmer, to the blue city of Jodhpur

  6. Arid plains, mountains, lush forests and desert landscapes with beautiful villages are waiting for your visit

  7. A wide range of unique activities and unforgettable experiences: horseback riding zip line adventures, Tiger safaris and camel rides
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