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Stretching from the Himalayas to the sea, West Bengal boasts an extraordinary selection of landscapes, cultures and monuments. From the mangrove swamps of Sundarbans home by man-eating tigers, to the dramatic hill station of Darjeeling not far from Mt Everest itself, West Bengal is truly diverse.

West Bengal, contrary to its name, is a state located on the east side of India. West Bengal has been noted for its rich cultural activities, tourist attractions and heritage. The fourth most populous state in the country, its capital is Kolkata, formerly known as Calcutta, is considered to be the Cultural Capital of India, owing to its fervent festivals, museums, educational institutions and performing arts. The city boasts of diverse folk traditions and has birthed several notable writers, musicians and artists, including the Nobel-laureate Rabindranath Tagore.

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Travel to West Bengal

Travel to West Bengal

Travel to West Bengal

Travel to West Bengal states with a specialized travel agency

This cultural hub flourished culturally and materially during the height of the British rule in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, cultivating a distinctively creative blend of East and West which is still noticeable to this day.

When to visit Kolkata and West Bengal

One of the best times to visit the vibrant city of Kolkata on a West Bengal tour is in the month of October, when the Hindus celebrate the grand festival of Durga Puja. This festival, although celebrated throughout the country in many forms, takes on a behemoth shape in Kolkata. The unmatched fervor, energy, colors and emotions can be overwhelmingly beautiful for even the most avid traveller. An unforgettable festival, Shanti Travel can craft a unique customized tour that will allow you to soak in the authentic atmosphere of this celebration.

The hill station of Darjeeling

The hill station of Darjeeling is an extremely popular tourist spot. Amidst vast lush tea plantations, waterfalls, magnificent views of the Kanchengjunga, and misty mountains, this former British colony still exudes a charming British aura. The temperate climate here in the mountains made it a popular resting place for the British, and they certainly left their mark! Located on the banks of Mahananda River in the foothills of the Himalayas in the Darjeeling district, Siliguri is an enigmatic region enveloped in dense forests. The lush town of Gangtok, located in the state of Sikkim, is not too far from West Bengal.

The Sunderbans mangroves

The Sunderbans National Park is an oasis of bountiful wildlife and lush vegetation where the land merges with the sea at the southernmost tip of West Bengal. An almost impregnable stretch of mangrove forest on the world’s largest delta, this designated UNESCO World Heritage Site boasts of being home to the legendary and majestic Royal Bengal Tiger. The allure of this enigmatic sanctuary is too strong to avoid.

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7 reasons to travel to West Bengal

7 reasons to travel to West Bengal

  1. Enjoy the Bengali cuisine famous for its fish curries and many sweets that the whole country loves

  2. Soak up the unique atmosphere of Calcutta and embrace life in India’s cultural capital and absorb the heritage

  3. Cruise down the river between India and Bangladesh in the Sundarbans where the people live between the mangroves and the changing tides

  4. From the Himalayas to the Bay of Bengal, go from one extreme to another to praise the beauty of vivid landscapes of West Bengal

  5. Celebrate Indian festivals such as Durga Puja with the locals whilst travelling through cultural hotspot

  6. Explore Darjeeling and the Gorkhaland region and experience a new culture and traditions more similar to that of Nepal and Bhutan

  7. Travel to places that few travellers have explored, such as Chandannagar, the temples of Bishnupur or the small town of Shantiniketan
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