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Diving, diving and just a little bit more diving… That’s what a holiday to the Andaman and Nicobar Islands is all about. This exotic archipelago is the ideal destination in India if you’re looking for a diving holiday.

From the diversity of its beaches and waters, the abundance of its corals, its kaleidoscope or colours and its touching simplicity: a trip to the Andaman Islands is a breath-taking experience. If, however, diving is not your cup of tea, know that many other activities are possible.

Are you trying to find the perfect honeymoon destination? Well why not consider the Andaman Islands? A honeymoon spent here is a once in a lifetime opportunity and a perfect way to celebrate the beginning of your married life. Awe-inspiring sunsets blissful beaches, your idyllic honeymoon spot awaits!

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A holiday to the Andaman Islands

A holiday to the Andaman Islands

A holiday to the Andaman Islands

Travel with to the Andaman Islands with a specialized travel agency.

The Andaman and Nicobar archipelago is located in the Gulf of Bengal, between India and Burma. Renowned for having the most beautiful coral reefs and beaches of the Indian territory, the Andaman Islands are a true paradise for lovers of relaxation, surfing and diving.

Discovering the Andaman Islands: Your South India holiday

A trip to the Andaman takes you through paradise shores, coral reefs with a thousand colours and underwater life of incredible diversity. Your stay in the Andaman Islands would not be complete without a few dives here and there so you can discover the wonderful underwater world. Don’t forget to visit the Cellular Jail, the prison where the resistance fighters of the English occupation were locked up. Also not to be missed is the Gandhi Marine National Park and Islands of Havelock and Cinque.

Take advantage of our travel experts that are based in the heart of of South India and will be able to design and organise your very own bespoke holiday to the Andaman Islands.

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7 reasons to travel to the Andaman Islands, South India

7 reasons to travel to the Andaman Islands, South India

  1. Relax on stunning beaches like Havelock beach where fine sands and crystal clear waters await you for moments of absolute serenity

  2. Discover one of the most famous diving destinations for scuba diving in the world. Or simply spend your days snorkelling in the clear waters

  3. Meet people from this unique region whose traditions and cultures seem more South East Asian than Indian

  4. Enjoy fresh fruit juices, seafood treats and fresh fish as you sit at beachside restaurants

  5. Visit the historic sites of the Andaman Islands such as the Cellular Jail in Port Blair that was once home to the prisoners who fought for independence from India

  6. Spend your nights in unique and authentic huts, cleverly built right between the jungle and the beach so you can fall asleep to the sound of the waves

  7. Enjoy the many activities that this island offers: visit the mangrove canoe, walk or cycle to Little Andaman, or go out on a traditional boat for some fishing
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