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The Great South
India - South India - Tamil Nadu
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Vinod, Pondicherry Travel Expert

There are so many things that I enjoy in Pondicherry, starting with it’s many churches, dating mostly from the 18th and 19th century, giving the city an incredible charm.

Pondicherry is full of attractions for travellers, such as the war memorial sites, the governor’s palace, the beautiful promenade of the waterfront, the botanical gardens, and not to mention the mysterious town of Auroville.

I look forward to sharing this city with you. Below you will find a collection of holidays that have been especially designed to show you this region of India as authentically as possible. Our travel experts based in South India are at your disposal to design your very own bespoke holiday to Pondicherry – so what are you waiting for? Get in touch today!

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Travel to Pondicherry

Travel to Pondicherry

Travel to Pondicherry

Travel to Pondicherry with a specialised travel agency

A former French county, the Pondicherry territory is still beaming with a European atmosphere that captivates any traveller passing through Pondicherry.

Holiday to Pondicherry: Your trip to South India

Pondicherry is one of the most popular places to visit whilst travelling through South India, with it’s artistic colonial buildings, charming walks, beautiful churches and deserted beaches. Your trip to Pondicherry will bring you up close and personal with the Tamil culture infused with French heritage. There are many places to stay in Pondicherry, such as the rocky and quiet beaches or the famous ashram Sri Aurobindo that exudes spiritual charm. Auroville, also known as the “city of the Dawn” is an eclectic city 8 kilometres from Pondicherry. A visit to Auroville provides the traveller with an insight into this unique place where men and women live in a reformist harmony without any distinction.

Begin planning your trip to Pondicherry with our travel experts who are based right there in Pondicherry who specialise in tailor-made travel to india.

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7 reasons to travel to Pondicherry

7 reasons to travel to Pondicherry

  1. Enjoy the sea breeze on Beach Road promenade before embarking on a guided walking tour of the historic city

  2. Taste the local cuisine infused with European flavours offering a variety dishes that are not as spicy as the rest of the country

  3. Visit the the Sri Aurobindo ashram, founded by the famous guru by the name of Sri Aurobindo and Mirra Alfassa, an intriguing figured nicknamed "the mother"

  4. Stroll through the charming French Quarter where quiet streets and historic buildings create a unique atmosphere

  5. Stay in unforgettable and charming accommodation: a traditional Tamil house, a former colonial mansion or an eco lodge

  6. Explore the iconic Matrimandir d’Auroville, a unique city where people of all origins live in harmony and autonomy

  7. Explore the local craft industry and visit the clothing markets and shops filled with textiles designed by both Indian and Western designers
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