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Sri Lanka Nature and Wildlife
Sri Lanka
Safari & Wildlife
13 days / from £1834
Another Annapurna
Annapurna - Nepal - Katmandou Valley
Trek & Adventure
21 days / from £1435
Between Sikkim and Bhutan
Friendly encountersCultural immersion
15 days / from £2204
Classic Indonesia
Trek & AdventureSafari & Wildlife
17 days / from £2751
Kingdoms of the Himalayas
Nepal - Sikkim - Indian Himalayas
Cultural immersion
18 days / from £2713
Royal Rajasthan on Wheels
8 days / from £546
Trekking in Tibet
Trek & Adventure
19 days / from £2576
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Alex, Travel expert

From the peaks of the Himalayas to the jungles of Sri Lanka, Asia is a diverse continent that offers even the most avid travellers something new and unseen. For those that have travelled to Asia before and are looking for something a little different this time round to create unique memories, our travel experts will design a holiday to Asia that delivers wonderful surprises for even the most expert of travellers.

No matter where you are travelling to or how many times you have travelled, a trip should always be an exciting adventure that provides your with magnificent experiences to hold on to and cherish. For those that have travelled to Asia before and are looking for a new adventure in Asia, we have put together a number of programs that will the expert traveller’s thirst and provide our veteran travellers with unique experiences and brilliant surprises to keep you on your toes during your Asian adventure.

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Asia for the expert traveller

Asia for the expert traveller

Asia for the expert traveller

Travel with a local agency, specialised in trips to Asia

Asia is an ever changing continent with a plethora of countries each unique and distinct. No matter how many times you may have travelled to this beautiful continent and explored one of its many countries, there is always something new to see and experience. This ever changing land can be visited time and time again, delivering fantastic surprises each and every time.

Welcome back to Asia

Whether this is your second holiday to Asia or your 42nd, there is always something new to be discovered and experienced. Already spent a week diving in the Andaman Islands? Why not spend a week adventuring in Ladakh? Been there done that? Travel to Indonesia and go trekking in Bukit Lawang or cruise down the river in Kalimantan, Borneo. The opportunities are endless in Asia, just like the beauty of the lands and the kindness of the people.

An authentic and unique trip to Tibet

Travel to the roof of the world and spend your holiday exploring one of Asia’s less visited regions. Tibet has so much to offer from beautiful lakes to snowy mountain peaks, from awe-inspiring monasteries to strikingly decorated temples. Tibet is a unique country blessed with incredible landscapes that can leave even the most frequent of flyers lost for words. The clear blue skies dotted with colour prayer flags make for a fairy tale adventure filled with gompas, undeniably beautiful grasslands peppered with yaks, and lakes that stretch as far as the eye can see.

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7 reasons to revisit Asia

7 reasons to revisit Asia

  1. Asia is an ever changing continent that will provide you with new surprises and adventures no matter how many times you return

  2. Re-discover Asia’s cultures and traditions, from the sacred cows in India to the dancing funerals in Toraja

  3. Visit some of Asia’s more obscure destinations like the colourful nation of Iran or the unbeatable landscapes of Yunnan

  4. Asia has so much to offer to all kind of people: your first trip may have been a hike in the Himalayas but let this trip be a relaxing getaway on the coast of Sri Lanka

  5. Share your favourite destinations in Asia with friends as you revisit Asia with new friends and discover new attractions together

  6. Asia is home to a number of festivals which you may have just missed out on during your first holiday. Plan to attend a festival for a whole new Asian experience

  7. Explore a different part of Asia that you have dreamt about visiting since the first time you travelled to this part of the world
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