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Our suggestions for tailor-made With Friends tours

Bali, in the Heart of Nature
Indonesia - Bali
Cultural immersion
16 days / from £996
Sri Lanka in all Its Glory
Sri Lanka
FamilyCultural immersion
10 days / from £1020
Family Trip to Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka
13 days / from £1232
The Essentials of Vietnam
Cultural immersion
12 days / from £1128
Grand Tour of Rajasthan
India - North India
Cultural immersion
16 days / from £1241
The Horizons of Bali
Indonesia - Bali
Cultural immersion
8 days / from £758
Ricefields of Bali to Komodo Dragons
Indonesia - Bali - Flores
Safari & Wildlife
14 days / from £2248
Tigers, Dunes and Palaces
North India - India - Rajasthan
FamilySafari & Wildlife
15 days / from £1510
The Markha Valley
Ladakh - Zanskar
Friendly encounters
13 days / from £1361
The Track of the Caravans
13 days / from £1252
Weekend escape to Singapore
Cultural immersion
3 days / from £306
The Essentials of Singapore
Cultural immersion
5 days / from £676
Between Nepal and Bhutan
Nepal - Bhutan - Katmandou Valley
Cultural immersion
15 days / from £2593
City & Beach - From Java to Lombok
Indonesia - Java - Lombok
Cultural immersion
10 days / from £1392
Classic Indonesia
Trek & AdventureSafari & Wildlife
17 days / from £2751
From the Taj Mahal to Kathmandu
Nepal - India - Katmandou Valley
Cultural immersion
10 days / from £1176
Raja Ampat Archipelago Cruise
10 days / from £3223
Rajasthan and Gujarat Combined
North India - India - Rajasthan
Cultural immersion
13 days / from £1287
Singapore & Bali: The contrasts of Asia
Singapore - Indonesia - Bali
Cultural immersion
12 days / from £1102
The Essentials of Myanmar
Cultural immersion
10 days / from £1210
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Alex fondateur Shanti Travel

Alex, Travel expert

Asia is a wonderful country to explore and discover with friends. Whether you are planning a reunion, celebrating an achievement or simply want to travel to Asia with friends, a journey to Asia is about discovery and special moments. And this is obviously all the more special when you are in the company of your friends!

Visit Asia with your friends and discover some of the world’s most fascinating places. A holiday to Asia with friends is all about discovering new lands and meeting new people together. Our Travel Experts based in Asia have a wealth of knowledge on your desired destination and are eager to plan your Asian escapade that is bound deliver all that you seek on your Asian adventure with friends.

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Traveling to Asia with friends

Traveling to Asia with friends

Traveling to Asia with friends

Travel with a local agency, specialised in holidays to Asia

Our holidays to Asia have been designed to create memorable moments that you and your friends can keep with you for life. From trekking in the Himalayas to Komodo dragon spotting in Indonesia, a trip with friends to Asia is a wonderful experience.

Discovering Asia with your friends

Travel to Asia and discover this unique continent, blessed with a plethora of cultures, religions and traditions. Travel to Asia and taste the flavours of India and Thailand, hike across the Himalayas, scuba drive in Sri Lanka and walk with the Komodo Dragons on the Indonesian Archipelago. Asia has an endless opportunity for you and your friends to travel together and discover new places and new experiences. We have a number of holidays designed especially for groups of friends to discover Asia together and share special moments and create long lasting memories.

Tailor made holidays to Asia with friends

Tailor made holidays to Asia are all about seeing Asia just how you want to. Different people want to experience and discover different parts of Asia, from the landscapes of the Himalayas to the bustling cities of Asia. Our tailor made holidays for friends are carefully designed to make your dream trip to Asia a reality. Whether you and your friends are looking for adventure, beach side relaxation or cultural immersion, our travel experts will design and deliver your holiday to Asia.

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7 reasons to travel to Asia with your friends

7 reasons to travel to Asia with your friends

  1. Travel through Asia and discover its authenticity, and experience special moments for you to share with friends.

  2. Walk the path less travelled with friends and take in the beautiful landscapes so iconic to Asia.

  3. Celebrate your friendship with Asian traditions, visiting them temples of Angkor Wat or attending Balinese ceremonies in Indonesia.

  4. Embrace your inner adventurer and trek through the Himalayas, sharing once in a lifetime moments with friends.

  5. Stay at charming and boutique hotels and enjoy the Asian hospitality as the kind people welcome you into their country.

  6. Create great memories with your friends in Asia as you go river rafting through the rapids of Sri Lanka and share stories with the monks of Tibet.

  7. Tailor made holidays especially designed for you and your friends to see and experience Asia in a unique and thrilling way.
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