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Sikkim, nicknamed the “The Last Shangri La”, with its rooted Buddhist culture and the enigmatic beauty of its Himalayan landscapes is one of the most exotic mountain destinations of India. One of the best moments for you to visit Sikkim is during the Losar festival to celebrate the Tibetan New Year in February or March depending on the year.

With an impressive number of monasteries, a holiday to Sikkim is a paradise for travellers seeking meditation and spirituality. Sikkim is also the Eden for hikers, who find excellent routes and summits of well-preserved lands as they trek and hike to high peaks. The natural parks are beaming with beautiful flora and fauna for you to discover and enjoy. There’s plenty to do for adventurers, rafting or trekking through the ancient Silk Road to Nathu La Pass. Sikkim and adrenaline go hand and in hand. Take advantage or the expertise of your local Himalayan travel agency to organise your personalised trip to Sikkim.

Sikkim, travel with a local agency

The ancient kingdom of the eastern Himalayas, bordering Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan, Sikkim is one of the jewels of the Himalayan world. Dominated by Kangchenjunga, the third highest peak in the world, Sikkim offers a wider variety of landscapes and experiences.

Tailor made travel to Sikkim

Sikkim is the backdrop of the snow-capped peaks that overhang before your eyes, deep valleys grown on the terrace covered with lush vegetation including wild orchids and rhododendrons. A journey to Sikkim is one of those experiences that touches your soul and moves you spiritually. Trekking in Sikkim takes you along beautiful tracks that have only ever been walked on by shepherds and their herds, up and down through the valleys that are dotted with kind smiles, monasteries and temples. Browse our suggested itineraries for holidays to Sikkim below and contact your Travel Experts to design your own bespoke holiday. Why not combine it with a little trip to Bhutan or Nepal?

  1. Another Himalayan slope: discover Sikkim, a region of India that is mysterious as it is beautiful
  2. The authenticity of the meetings: share real moments and experiences with local people who are proud of their home and traditions
  3. The richness of the landscapes: in front of your eyes parade a kaleidoscope of colours as the bright flowers stand out against the snow peaked hills
  4. An ubiquitous Buddhist culture: immerse yourself in the heart of Buddhist with visits to the many colourful and serene monasteries
  5. Spectacular Himalayan trekking trips: walk and discover the empty trails that sit under the eyes of the imposing Kangchenjunga
  6. Local and traditional cuisine: directly derived from Tibetan cuisine, hearty dishes that provide your tummy and excite your taste buds on cold days
  7. In search of spirituality: great spaces, Buddhist cultures, authentic encounters… everything you need to recharge your batteries in the heart of the Himalayas

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