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Our suggestions for tailor-made Friendly encounters tours

The Markha Valley
Ladakh - Zanskar
Friendly encounters
13 days / from £1361
Between Sikkim and Bhutan
Friendly encountersCultural immersion
15 days / from £2204
Hill Stations of North India
India - East - North East India
Friendly encountersCultural immersion
8 days / from £1116
Splendors of the Golden Land
Friendly encountersCultural immersion
10 days / from £1227

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Alexis, Travel Expert

Alexis, Travel Expert

For me, a holiday to Asia is only complete when it is made up of unique encounters with people that call the country you are visiting home, so that I can truly begin to understand the country’s culture and traditions. At Shanti Travel we place the human-being at the heart of our travels so that you can discover the Asian continent and it’s authentic beauty.

Friendly encounters are made up of those rare moments that transcend languages and cultural differences that will leave an imprint in your mind and heart forever. With the development of mass tourism, it has become more and more difficult to preserve the authenticity of some places, drastically reducing the chances of these special moments from presenting themselves. If we cannot force authentic meetings, we can still encourage them by sleeping in a local village at a traditional house and taking part in the daily activities, be that going to the market, dropping the kids off at school or sharing food recipes. With our expertise, Shanti Travel is able to offer travellers the opportunity to stay in remote villages or traditional houses. We make sure that these unique experiences help preserve the culture and are respectful. So why not learn how to cook with Ayu in Bali, spend the day with Dean hiking across the tea plantations in Sri Lanka, or camp with the nomads that travel from Changtang to Ladakh? Contact your Travel Expert today to start creating a journey that suits you.

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Friendly encounters in Asia

Friendly encounters in Asia

Friendly encounters in Asia

Travel with a local travel agency specialised in tailor made trips in Asia.

A trip that revolves around authentic encounters is bound to be a unique experience that will form ever-lasting memories. Are you looking for an authentic holiday to Asia that includes meeting the locals to truly understand the country you are visiting? If so, contact us today and your Travel Expert will begin planning your personalised holiday to Asia.

Travel experience: encounters and authenticy

Come on! Let us take you on an authentic trip in Asia where you can discover a new culture and immerse yourself in the unique traditions and rituals. You’ll be sharing unique moments with countless people in incredible environments: hear someone’s story without speaking a word as you walk across the dry lands of Mongolia, learn about a workers background as you hike through the Himalayas in silence. The opportunities are endless for you to truly experience the country you are visiting through the people you meet. Do you love to taste new flavours? Enjoy a cooking class where you can spice your dishes like your host as you share smiles and laughs. There’s so much to learn just by meeting someone, and we truly believe this is the most authentic way to travel. So come on, discover Asia with a handful of friendly encounters that you will change your life and you will hold dear to you for the rest of time.

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7 reasons friendly encounter trips to Asia are so good

7 reasons friendly encounter trips to Asia are so good

  1. Put your brothers and sisters from different countries at the heart of your trip and experience unforgettable moments

  2. Spend the night in a local home to share unique moments as you learn about the country’s culture and traditions

  3. Have fun whilst you learn with playful experiences as you live like a local in Bali for the day

  4. Help the local economy by visiting remote areas of the country that you are staying in and enjoying their delicious foods or buying their local crafts

  5. Go off-the-beaten path and experience authentic Asia with the expertise of your local travel agency in Asia

  6. Immerse yourself in the local culture with your driver and guide who will introduce you and share their country with you

  7. Enjoy a tailor-made holiday in Asia that has been designed especially for you to experience friendly encounters and cultural immersion
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