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A mystical kingdom perched upon the slopes of the majestic Himalayas… when the mists part to present the Kingdom of Bhutan, you will be left awestruck. While deep valleys and subtropical plains give rise to glaciated mountain peaks piercing the clouds, the diversity of Bhutan’s geography and climate make it a nature lover’s haven.

Mostly isolated from the rest of the world, Bhutan possesses a unique and cultural heritage which is still clings onto fiercely. The country’s colourful monasteries, distinctive customs and inimitable architecture make it a paradox waiting to be discovered by true travellers. This truly amazing country with remarkable Himalayan scenery, monasteries like no other and colourful festivals, is home to a population which focuses on happiness and wellbeing. People’s happiness is hard to miss as they welcome you into their country and share their beautiful country made up of high mountains and deep valleys. Shanti Travel specialises in discovery holidays and adventure tour and treks to Bhutan. Contact us today and we will design your bespoke holiday to Bhutan.

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Travel to Bhutan

Travel to Bhutan

Travel to Bhutan

Travel to Bhutan with a specialized travel agency

Travelling to the last Shangri La is considered to be a once in a lifetime opportunity. Bhutan is a beautiful country with so much to offer, from the historic monasteries, to the mountainous landscapes, to the cliff top homes.

A trip like no other

A trip to Bhutan is not of the most common experiences. Nestled in the paths of the Himalayas, Bhutan is a land of mystery that few Westerners have had the opportunity to experience. This country, which is like a bridge linking the past with the future, is not your ordinary walk in the park. While treading lightly in the modern world, the kingdom has maintained its traditional ancestral culture. Bhutan is no ordinary place: it is a land of mystery and magic, where Bhuddist culture carefully mixes with modern influences, and where the focus lies in Gross National Happiness. Visiting Bhutan is like visiting a different reality.

Bhutan’s sacred spirituality

Buddhists beliefs and practices are so deeply rooted in Bhutan that upon setting foot on this land, there is no way you will not become captivated by the spirituality. Writer Bradley Mayhew writes about his travels to Bhutan whereby on “one hike alone, a reincarnated lama blessed me with a thangka made from the nose blood of a saint and then hit me on the back with the stone footprints of a divine skywalker”. Experiences like these are not to be dismissed and you’ll find yourself enthralled in Bhutan’s reality.

The Last Shangri La?

James Hilton may well have been describing Bhutan when writing his novel Lost Horizon. Bhutan is a treasure land made up of Himalayan landscapes, where snow-capped peaks stand between valleys shrouded in primeval forests. Buddhist monasteries sit perched at staggering heights, creating the perfect viewing platform for the not to be missed dance festivals, which paint the country with colour and music. The people and their trade and crafts are iconic to this country of wonder, again perfectly combining their unique traditions and modern influences. Don’t be surprised to see a monk check his smartphone after performing a divination!

Check out our recommended itineraries or contact you today to start planning your magical Bhutanese adventure.

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7 reasons to travel to Bhutan

7 reasons to travel to Bhutan

  1. Experience one of the most secret cultures of the mystical Himalayas and unfold the mystery of this beautiful which only recently opened its borders

  2. The majestic monasteries, dzongs, are the epicentre of major traditional festivals which are held in spring and autumn. The ascent to the Taktsang monastery is a phenomenal experience

  3. With 72% of nation under forest cover, Bhutanese territory is a paradise for the lovers of outdoor adventures

  4. Travel, explore and discover a land not yet affected by mass tourism, and wander the lands with not another tourist in sight

  5. The welcoming hospitality and kindness of the locals is the cherry on top to travel in Bhutan, as the Bhutanese welcome you in traditional dress

  6. Discover a country which measures it’s populations happiness, something unique to Bhutan which so many other countries could learn from

  7. This Kingdom combines authentic tradition and modernity like no other. The King of Bhutan welcomes you to his country for a unique, exploratory journey
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