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I have spent many years in India and every day I find something new to love. From the majestic Indian Himalayas, through to the diversity of the North, to the beauty and charm of the South, this country is a microcosm of the world.

India is home to over a billion people, more than 30 sub-regions, hundreds of languages, cultures, gods and cuisines, making it a prime destination for all kinds of travellers. The lunar landscapes, Buddhist tranquillity and crystal lakes of Ladakh make it one of my favourite places. A trek through the snow deserts will enthral even a seasoned traveller. Rajasthan in North India is worthy of its name. Translated as “Land of the Maharajahs”, this state is dotted with royal palaces, imposing forts, and ancient relics, all against the backdrop of the undulating dunes of the Great Indian Desert. Kerala, with its tranquil backwaters, lush tea gardens, exotic beaches and ancient Ayurveda, is truly the jewel in the South Indian crown. Contact us today to begin planning your holiday to India.

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Travel to India

Travel to India

Travel to India

Travel to India with a specialized travel agency

Holidays to India are an unforgettable and rewarding experience, especially for those who wish to seek something different from their daily humdrum. A lifetime of holidays to India would not be enough to unravel and understand the country in its entirety and diversity.

Trekking in the Indian Himalayas

Do you love trips in the great outdoors or are you enthusiastic about Buddhism? Well look no further than the Indian Himalayas, the northernmost part of the country. The trekking routes and mountain trails in this region provide travellers with a truly magnificent platform to view the majestic peaks of the Himalayas and experience authentic encounters that leave an indelible mark. The summer season from May to September is the perfect time to visit Ladakh and the other Himalayan destinations.

Holidays to North India

Tours to North India will enthral travellers seeking cultural discovery among the remnants of historical civilizations. Sages & Yoga ashrams in the Himalayan foothills of Rishikesh, princely palaces and ancient forts of the Rajputs in Rajasthan, colonial heritage of Calcutta, erotic stone temples of Khajuraho… Travelling to North India is the perfect introduction to a huge part of the Indian culture. Curious travellers who wish to venture off the beaten track can visit lesser known but equally enchanting destinations such as the salt desert of Gujarat or the ethnic tribal communities of the Far East. The best time to visit North India is from October to April.

Trips to South India

Do you want to travel to India in search of lush greenery and a gentler way of life? Southern India is the perfect destination for you. Deemed to be "softer" than its Northern counterpart, this region offers the beauty of its beaches (Goa, Kerala, and Andaman Islands), extraordinary mountains of Western Ghats and intricate heritage temples. On your trips from Mumbai to the Andaman Islands, experience mouth-watering coastal food, smiling locals, exuberant nature and the relaxing pleasures of Ayurveda. To thoroughly enjoy the South, it is best visited in the mild temperatures of winter, from November to March.

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Also check out our festival calendar to plan your holidays to India according to the Indian holidays!

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7 reasons to travel to India

7 reasons to travel to India

  1. A continent within a country, where in every 500 kilometres people speak a different language, follow unique culture and have distinct beliefs

  2. Curiosity, kindness and hospitality of the people will make your travel experience an unforgettable journey. It cannot be explained, it must be experienced

  3. India is about discovering the oldest civilization of the world through its history and ancient monuments rooted with enormous saga of love, faith and wars

  4. Come to India for spiritual quest! Being a birthplace of different religions, this country has helped travellers get in touch with their spiritual self

  5. An internationally renowned cuisine which is as diverse as the country itself. Food in India is all about an array of mouth-watering dishes enhanced with exquisite spices

  6. It is a melting pot of rich bio-diversity that inspired authors like Rudyard Kipling to pen The Jungle Book

  7. The Indian calendar is full of festivals known for its elaborate and colourful practice that will leave a traveller awestruck.
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Our suggestions for tailor-made tours to India

The Great South
  • An immersive trip in South India visiting its most beautiful sites
  • Gentle travelling pace, ensuring your enjoy it all
  • Charming, boutique accommodation
24  daysfrom£1516
All year long
View this trip
The Golden Triangle
  • Culture, heritage and metamorphosis
  • Explore both Old and New Delhi
  • Visit the fantastic markets of the Pink City
6  daysfrom£444
View this trip
Spices of Kerala
  • Wander an aromatic spice garden
  • Overnight in a traditional houseboat
  • Relax by the water
14  daysfrom£723
All year long
View this trip
From Kerala to Tamil Nadu
  • Visit South India’s must-see spots
  • One night on board a Keralan boat
  • Perfect combination of nature and culture
15  daysfrom£947
All year along
View this trip
Rajasthan to Varanasi, in the heart of Hinduism
  • Discover the magical world of the Maharaja’s
  • Culture and nature combined
  • Learn about the beauty of Hinduism
10  daysfrom£621
All year long
View this trip
Royal Rajasthan on Wheels – Luxury train tour
  • Luxury train travel through Rajasthan
  • Visit the Taj Mahal
  • Up close and personal with the wild tigers of Ranthambore Wildlife Sanctuary
8  daysfrom£500
October to March
View this trip
From Taj Mahal to Kathmandu
  • Discover some of the most stunning areas of India and Nepal
  • Wonder at the scenery and cultural sights
  • Arrive in Varanasi by traditional boat on the Ganges
16  daysfrom£2491
Oct. to March
View this trip
Luxury Train Tour of South India
  • On board The Golden Chariot
  • Experience Indian hospitality in its purest form
  • Culture, nature and luxury combined
8  daysfrom£531
October to March
View this trip
Meet Small Tea Producers in Darjeeling
  • Meeting with the tea producers of a small cooperative
  • Discovery of Darjeeling and its culture of tea cultivation
  • Discovery of the cultural heritage of Sikkim
  • An unforgettable visit to the cooperative and tea farms
11  daysfrom£1622
Mid March to Mid June, Mid September to end of November
View this trip
The Wedding of Maharajas
  • A deep insight into one of the most culturally rich provinces of India
  • Amazing cultural and natural exploration
  • Live the life of Maharajas
  • The charm of the lodgings
9  daysfrom£728
All year long
View this trip
Temples and Palaces of Central India
16  daysfrom£1021
October to April
View this trip
Palaces and Wildlife of Madhya Pradesh
  • Go off the beaten track and discover central India’s rich culture
  • Breathtaking cultural and natural heritage
  • An immersion into the world of Hindusim
12  daysfrom£1154
October to May
View this trip
Sikkim and the hill stations of West Bengal
  • Explore the hill stations of North India
  • Visit unique Tibetan monasteries
  • A journey through the Himalayan jewels
8  daysfrom£1093
Spring & Autumn
View this trip
The Valley of the Gods
  • Meeting with Kullui and "irreducible" Malani
  • The landscapes and villages of the luxurious valley of Kullu and the high valley of Malana
  • A trek out of the beaten paths
13  daysfrom£754
May-June & Sept-Oct
View this trip
Maharaja’s Dreams
  • Discover one of the most charming provinces in India
  • Incredible cultural and natural heritage
  • Charming accommodations
9  daysfrom£572
All year long
View this trip
Grand Tour of Rajasthan
  • The discovery of astonishing Rajasthan
  • Charming Accommodation
  • Surprising cultural and natural environment
20  daysfrom£915
All year long
View this trip
Tigers, Dunes and Palaces
  • An amazing cultural and natural heritage
  • The Safari in Ranthambore
  • Camel-back ride in the dunes and bivouac
  • Boating on the lake of Udaipur
15  daysfrom£850
Oct. to March
View this trip
The Markha Valley: between Ladakh and Zanskar
  • Experience the unique hospitality of the Ladakhis
  • Acclimatise gradually over the duration of the trip
  • Trek through one of the most beautiful valleys of Ladakh
13  daysfrom£1245
2 - 14 July 2017
16 - 28 July 2017
20 July - 1 August 2017
13 - 25 August 2017
View this trip
Ladakh Express
  • Experience the unique hospitality of the Ladakhis
  • Acclimatise gradually over the duration of the trip
  • Combine cultural exploration with an introduction to the scenery of Ladakh to gain an insight into this world.
8  daysfrom£840
From May to Oct.
View this trip
On the tracks of the Yeti
  • The exceptional hospitality of the Ladakhis
  • Rafting on the majestic River Indus
  • Enjoyable family trekking
  • Listening to the tales & legends of the Buddhist Himalayan culture
13  daysfrom£1381
5 to 17 July 2015
19 to 31 July 2015
2 to 14 August 2015
9 to 21 August 2015
July - August
View this trip
Winter festivals in Ladakh
  • Buddhist festivals in the heart of the Himalayas
  • Home stays with Ladhaki hospitality
  • A unique combination of trekking and cultural discovery
14  daysfrom£1068
February 24 to March 8, 2015, February - March
View this trip
With the inhabitants of Spiti
  • Immerse yourself in the Buddhist culture of Spiti Valley
  • Progressive and gradual acclimatisation throughout the trip
  • Visit a perfectly preserved 600 year old mummy of a Buddhist monk
16  daysfrom£1780
From May till October
View this trip
Indus and Changtang
  • A wide variety of landscapes
  • Gradual acclimatization
  • Intreacting with Ladakhis, villagers & nomads
15  daysfrom£1503
28 to 12 July 2015, 5 to 19 July 2015, 19 to 2 August 2015, 2 to 16 August 2015, 23 to 6 September 2015, June to September
View this trip
The Track of the Caravans
  • The extraordinary hospitality of Ladakhis
  • A complete and accessible cultural discovery
  • An ideal program to approach the world of Buddhist Ladakhis and trekking!
13  daysfrom£1172
14 to 26 June 2015, 5 to 17 July 2015, 19 to 31 July 2015, 2 to 14 August 2015, 16 to 28 August 2015, 30 to 11 September 2015, June to September
View this trip
The Great Zanskar Trek
  • Tackle a legendary trek
  • Follow an itinerary that helps you to acclimatize first
  • Visit numerous villages and monasteries
26  daysfrom£1596
5 to 30 July 2015, 19 to 13 August 2015, 2 to 27 August 2015, 16 to 10 August 2015, 23 to 17 September 2015, July to September
View this trip
In the heart of Zanskar : From Lamayuru to Padum
  • Awe-inspiring sceneries & landscapes
  • The challenge of a tough itinerary!
  • A traditional & pristine region
18  daysfrom£1592
5 to 22 July 2015, 19 to 5 August 2015, 2 to 19 August 2015, 16 to 2 September 2015, 23 to 9 September 2015, July to September
View this trip
From Rupshu to Spiti via the Parang-La
  • A complete discovery of the superb Tso Moriri Lake
  • A visit to the high valley of Spiti, which is cut off from the world for 8 months a year
  • One of the most exceptional treks of the Himalayas
25  daysfrom£1779
26 to 19 August 2015, 2 to 26 August 2015, 9 to 2 September 2015, August - September
View this trip
Discovering Tamil Nadu
  • A close up view of South India
  • Breathtaking natural and cultural patrimony
  • Charming accommodations
8  daysfrom£540
All year round
View this trip
From Desert of Thar to the Aravellis Mounts
  • A deep-dive discovery of one of the most charming provinces of India
  • An amazing cultural and natural heritage
  • The charm of the lodgings
15  daysfrom£690
All year long
View this trip
From Siddharta to Buddha
  • Immerse yourself in the peace and traditions of the rural heartland of India
  • Discover the most sacred river of India
  • Experience the culture shock of India's holiest river: omnipresent religion, cremations, pilgrimages
14  daysfrom£0
From Oct. to May
View this trip
Horse ride through Assam
  • Explore a wonderful area, still off the beaten track
  • Ride through tea plantations and follow the course of the Brahmaputra river
  • Experience an elephant ride and a boat trip on the Brahmaputra
12  daysfrom£1531
November to April
View this trip
Horseriding in Shekhawati
  • Discovery of a unique heritage
  • Meet the legendary Marwari horses
  • Ride through the beautiful landscape of Shekhawati
  • 5 days of horseback riding
11  daysfrom£1482
Oct. to March
View this trip
Horses, Forts and Villages
  • Horseriding in an amazing environment
  • Out of time travel
  • Charming accommodation
13  daysfrom£1874
From Oct to March; March 2 - March 14, 2015
View this trip
Kerala: the Heart of Traditional Ayurveda
  • A gentle and relaxed tour of India
  • A journey rich in culture
  • The discovery of unique Ayurvedic techniques
10  daysfrom£1367
All year round
View this trip
Pushkar Fair
  • Discovery of traditional Rajasthan
  • An impressive gathering
  • A great atmosphere
15  daysfrom£1292
View this trip
Rajasthan and Gujarat Combined
  • Visit two of the most culturally rich states
  • Charm of the regions and their inhabitants
  • Fabulous heritage
13  daysfrom£966
All year long
View this trip
Tribes of Arunachal & the Brahmaputra River
  • Discover a superb region, which is still off the beaten track
  • Visit Kaziranga National Park
  • Ride elephants and cruise the Brahmaputra
21  daysfrom£1016
From Nov. to April
View this trip

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