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7 good reasons to take a trip to Bhutan

  • Unfold the mystery of this beautiful Himalayan nation which was recently opened its door for the foreign tourist. Experience one of the most secret cultures of the mystical Himalayas.
  • The dzongs, these majestic monasteries, are the epicenter of major traditional festivals which is held in spring and fall. The ascent to the Taktsang monastery is a phenomenal experience.
  • With 72% of nation under forest cover, Bhutanese territory is a paradise for the lovers of outdoor adventures. Admire the views of the Himalayas throughout your journey when you go for treks in Bhutan.
  • Be one of the few travelers who go for a holidays to Bhutan. Places are still pristine and untouched.
  • Bhutanese welcome you in traditional costumes. The delicacy and elegance of this people will make your trip special.
  • The country’s Gross National Happiness is an example in tourism management and respect for fundamental principles of sustainable development. A beautiful example of eco-tourism in the Himalayas with a policy of limited entry to the territory.
  • This kingdom combines authentic tradition and modernity like no other country in the world. The King of Bhutan welcomes you to his country for a journey like no other.

Holidays to Bhutan

Going on a trip or trekking in Bhutan

The local travel agency Shanti Travel takes you to the Kingdom of Bhutan, a phenomenon Himalayan country that our experts have traveled to help you discover the most beautiful parts of the last Shangri La.

A trip to Bhutan is not of the most common experiences. Nestled in the paths of the Himalayas, Bhutan is a land of mystery that few Westerners have had the opportunity to experience. This country, which is like a bridge linking the past with the future, is not your ordinary walk in the park. While treading lightly in the modern world, the kingdom has maintained its traditional ancestral culture.

Buddhist monasteries (dzong), perched at staggering heights, the snowcapped mountains, verdant valleys that seem to be hanging from the sky and the tropical forest of the south will not fail to impress those inclined to sporting or with an affinity for nature.

A captivating and mysterious kingdom with a mountainous backdrop, a poetic language, the beauty of chants and traditional Bhutanese dances will enchant each and every traveler. Bhutan, one in a million!

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Our suggestions for tailor-made tours to Bhutan and trek in 2016-2017

From 2891 $
/ person

Between Sikkim and Bhutan
Between Sikkim and Bhutan

> Explore some of the most spectacular regions in the Himalayas

> Encounter a wide diversity of scenery and people

> See Himalayan landscapes that will take your breath away

From 3120 $
/ person

Drukpath Trek in West Bhutan
Drukpath Trek in West Bhutan

> Visit a kingdom lost in time

> Experience the warm and heartfelt hospitality of the villagers

> Combine an easy trek with sight seeing

Chomolhari Trek

Bhutan | 16 days

From 4278 $
/ person

Chomolhari Trek
Chomolhari Trek

> See some of the most spectacular parts of the Himalayas

> Encounter a wide diversity of scenery and people

> Follow a fascinating itinerary through one of the most out of the way countries that exists

Laya Lingshi Trek

Bhutan | 19 days

From 4693 $
/ person

Laya Lingshi Trek
Laya Lingshi Trek

>See some of the most spectacular regions in the Himalayas

>Encounter a wide diversity of scenery and people

>Follow a fascinating itinerary through one of the most out of the way countries that exists

From 6427 $
/ person

Honeymoon in the Land of the Thunder Dragon
Honeymoon in the Land of the Thunder Dragon

> A romantic immersion in the heart of the last Himalayan kingdom
> Accommodation in luxury hotels
> Breathtaking and unforgettable landscapes

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