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7 good reasons to travel to Burma and preparing a tailor made tour

  • The diverse landscape of Myanmar is truly exceptional: in two weeks you will come across myriad of Buddhist temples, spectacular natural scenery, walking tours and hikes in villages of indigenous people and get to the beach.
  • Want to avoid the crowd? Myanmar (Burma) is an ideal destination as the country recently opened its door to tourism, and it hosts ten times lesser tourists than Thailand.
  • Travel to Myanmar to explore the country's rich and varied history which culminates with the discovery of an exceptional kingdom in the temples of Bagan.
  • The Burmese people are extremely polite and gracious. When you will meet the local people they may offer you a cup of tea or take you to visit the nearby primary school.
  • From beautiful longyis to traditional jewelry, Myanmar (Burma) has rich and varied crafts. You will have no problems to bring back awesome gifts for the whole family.
  • There is still lot of destination which are less frequented by traveler. From Putao in the Himalayas to the Mount Victoria in Chin State, Trekking tours in Burma are exceptional because tourism is almost non-existent.
  • Burma is a photographer's paradise, whether you are looking for portraits, architecture shots or the most beautiful sunsets, this country will never disappoint you.

Cultural and Trekking holidays in Myanmar

A timeless journey proposed by our local tour operator based in Yangon.

Shanti Travel, the local travel agency based in Yangon promise you to offer an authentic experience while you travel to Myanmar. You will be amazed to know about the cultural heritage of this country, interacting with indigenous tribal minorities, their crafts and local festivals. That’s not all! Get ready for safari, trekking and diving and much more… Design your own customized tour in Burma according to your imagination by using the valuable suggestions of our travel experts.

Burma: The enchanting land of gold

Myanmar (Burma) is a land of enigma and hidden glories. Located in Southeast Asia and nestled in between India, China, Thailand, Bangladesh and Laos, Burma is a mystery to the world. Cut off from the rest of the world for so many years, the gates have now opened to travelers.

Traditional, mythical, timeless, poetic and tribal – traveling to Myanmar is akin to traveling back in time. A cradle of an ancient civilization, Burma still fiercely latches on to its rich heritage and culture. Located at the crossroads of the Indian subcontinent and the Far East, the enchanting scenery of this land of legends is what dreams are made of. Diversity and beauty intertwine to conjure up the surreal colors of Myanmar. The destinations in Myanmar are unique, whether it’s the verdant floating gardens on the turquoise waters of the Inle Lake or the untouched and pristine Mergui Archipelago. A trip to Myanmar can take you to the crystal clear marine waters of the Ngapali beaches or the intense emerald mountains around Putao. The blood red rubies from Mogok, the tribal trails of Kalaw and the jungles of Toungoo… travel to Burma and you will revel in adventure and unparalleled experiences. You can visit the Shwedagon Pagoda in Rangoon, take tours of the royal Mandalay palace, and you cannot culminate your Burmese sojourn without having travelled to the temples of Bagan.

Shanti Travel is an expert trip advisor based locally in Yangon, and our designated travel expert will design the perfect tailor made holidays for you. Tell us your travel plans and we will offer you the most authentic and unique travel tips. Explore off the beaten tracks in Burma with this tour operator, and embark on a discovery of culture, heritage, tribal minorities, crafts and festivals, diving, trekking, safaris, etc.

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Our suggestions for tailor-made tours to Myanmar (Burma): Discovery and Trekking

From 3638 $
/ person

Trek in the Burmese Himalayas: Climb Mount Phongun Razi
Trek in the Burmese Himalayas: Climb Mount Phongun Razi

> A unique expedition as good as an article of national geographic, 12 days with carriers
> Spectacular landscapes through remote villages of the Burmese Himalayas.
> The possibility to extend your trip a week to visit the great classics of Burma.

From 1913 $
/ person

Hidden Treasures of South Burma
Hidden Treasures of South Burma

> Exploring a remote area with stunning heritage
> Lazing on the Burmese beaches
> Discovery of Burmese culture and traditions

From 2181 $
/ person

Splendors of the Golden Land
Splendors of the Golden Land

> Discover the historical and cultural treasures of Burma
> Visit Pindaya and its tea plantations
> Immerse yourself in the heart of Burmese Buddhism
> Authentic carriage tours

From 2349 $
/ person

Tribes, Pagodas and Cities of Burma
Tribes, Pagodas and Cities of Burma

> Discover the most beautiful cities in Burma
> An easy trek in the Shan mountains
> Interact with with ethnic Burmese tribes

From 2599 $
/ person

From the Golden Rock to the Bay of Bengal
From the Golden Rock to the Bay of Bengal

> A complete itinerary through the most beautiful parts of Myanmar
> An immersion in the heart of Burmese culture
> A balance between cultural discoveries and relaxing on the Southern beaches

From 2255 $
/ person

Travel to Mogok: Valley of Burmese Rubies
Travel to Mogok: Valley of Burmese Rubies

> Discover the majestic valley of Mogok famed for its Rubies.
> Visit unavoidable Mandalay, Bagan and Inle Lake.
> Sunset amid the temples of Bagan.

From 1456 $
/ person

Relics and Jewels of Burma
Relics and Jewels of Burma

> Visit Rangoon & the Shwedagon Pagoda
> Meet the ethnic Shan and Intha people
> Glide through the Inle Lake

From 1775 $
/ person

From Rangoon to the Shan Plateau
From Rangoon to the Shan Plateau

> Discovery of Rangoon, a multifaceted city
> Visit the temples and the archaeological park of Bagan
> Boat on the Inle Lake and meet the indigenous tribes

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