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7 good reasons to go for a holidays to Tibet

  • At the roof of the world the landscape is breathtaking, dotted with heavenly mountains and sparkling glacial lakes.
  • Soak up the religious fervor in temples and palaces that you can visit. Travel to the monastic cities and understand the Tibetan Buddhist culture.
  • Travel to Tibet to take the impressive Himalayan highway like the friendship road between Kathmandu and Lhasa.
  • Discover traditional magic that is expressed during the Saga Dawa Festival: one of the most important festivals in Tibetan Buddhism.
  • Go on a trek in Tibet in the most mythical places of the Himalayas and watch the sunrise from the Everest base camp.
  • 'Experience the Spirituality existing around the Mount Kailash during 'kora' : this pilgrim path of 3 days that surrounds this holy mountain.'
  • Remember the adventures of 'Tintin in Tibet' that places compassion and hope at the heart of the story, and meeting the yeti, this adorable man of Snowy region! The same way, you will have the chance to meet really friendly people and will see lot of yaks.

Holidays to Tibet in 2016 - 2017

Our travel experts from Kathmandu office offer trips and treks in Tibet that you can customize or choose from the fixed departure tours designed for groups.

What you will see during your Tibet Holidays

Protected by the fortress of the Himalayas, Tibet has long had a special place in the Western imagination. Carrying many sobriquets such as the ’Land of Snow’, ’Roof of the World’ or ’Shangri-La’, Tibet remains shrouded in an aura of enigma. The Tibet tour typically begins in Lhasa Valley, where you discover the immense and majestic Potala Palace. Former residence of Dalai Lamas, many monks come here for pilgrimage every day and bring life to this mythical place. When you go further, you will get closer and closer to the Himalayas. The views of the Himalayas from the Tibetan Plateau is unforgettable. Moreover, the sight of the Tibetan side of Everest is incredible…

Beyond the pervasive Buddhist culture and its manifestations of temples and monasteries, travel to Tibet to allow yourself to bask in the magic of a land that has not yet revealed all of its secrets. Let yourself be charmed by the smiles of the locals and be touched by the sacred character of Mount Kailash. Boasting landscapes of rare beauty, Tibet will deeply rivet you, because it will speak to the child still within you that is never tired of being amazed.

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Our suggestions for tailor-made tours to Tibet

Essentials of Tibet

Tibet | 14 days

From 3200 $
/ person

Essentials of Tibet
Essentials of Tibet

>The discovery of the famous Potala Palace and Barkhor market
>An exhaustive discovery of great sites of Tibet
>Amazing landscape that you will never forget

From 2060 $
/ person

Mountains and Monasteries of Central Tibet
Mountains and Monasteries of Central Tibet

> A deep dive into the world of Buddhism

> Interaction with the ’Drokpas’ nomads

> A comprehensive discovery of the great sites of Tibet and its cultural and natural heritage

From 2300 $
/ person

On the Roof of the world
On the Roof of the world

> Departure guaranteed from 1 participant - Group of 15 participants maximum
> The amazing site of the Everest base camp
> A complete discovery of the great sites of Tibet

From 2782 $
/ person

Trek to Mount Kailash and Lake Mansarovar
Trek to Mount Kailash and Lake Mansarovar

> An immersion into the world of Buddhism

> 3 days of walking around Mount kailash

> An ideal introduction to Tibet and its cultural and natural heritage

From 4360 $
/ person

Saga Dawa Festival in Tibet
Saga Dawa Festival in Tibet

> The most important Tibetan festival, Saga Dawa
> A holistic discovery of the great sites of Tibet
> An ideal program to approach the world of Tibetan Buddhism

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