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Zéro Carbone Zero carbon

An original and sustainable version of Asia

Every day, you probably do small things for the planet: sort your waste, limit your water consumption or turn your devices on standby mode.

Now, Shanti Travel is committed to a zero carbon program and fully offsets the CO2 emissions of our agency and your trips by financing sustainable development projects created by NGO partners.

Together we participate in sustainable development for the good of our planet.

Zéro carbonne

Zero carbon project

1 - Our carbon footprint

1 - Our carbon footprint

We calculate our own internal carbon footprint according to the consumption of electricity and water, amount of waste and employee’s transport for each of our agencies.

2 - During your travels

2 - During your travels

We calculate the average of your carbon footprint based on a 12-night / 13-day stay including the hotel, the car ride and a half-plane ride *

*We base the calculation of our travellers carbon's footprint on the average: travel duration (13 days and 12 nights), number of participants (3 people), electricity consumption of a standard hotel room (20m2), daily travel distance by car (150km) and half the distance travelled by plane for domestic flights. The total carbon footprint is 2.15 tonnes which is equivalent to 48.15 € = 1.23 € per day per person. Source:ADEME.

3 - Calculation in euro

3 - Calculation in euro

Indexed on European standards, we converted the tonne of carbon into euros (22 euros / ton).

4 - Sustainable development project

4 - Sustainable development project

We invest in sustainable development projects (reforestation, renewable energies, permaculture, plastic reduction, recycling, etc.) created by NGO partners.

Shanti Travel undertakes

Refill My Bottle
Refill My Bottle

89 billion plastic water bottles are sold each year worldwide. A plastic bottle takes 450 years to disappear from the surface of the earth. RefillMyBottle provides a simple and sustainable solution to the plastic pollution problem. The concept: Refill my bottle is an application that identifies all the places - cafes, resorts, museums or shops where travelers can enter and fill their reusable water bottle with drinking water, free of charge or at a minimum cost.

Learn more about Refill My Bottle

Friends of National Parks Foundation
Friends of National Parks Foundation

Shanti Travel is committed to a reforestation program in partnership with the Friends of National Parks Foundation (FNPF). It is a non-profit organization based in Indonesia which works to protect wildlife and its habitat, as well as supporting local communities.

Learn more about FNPF

Fondation SankalpTaru
SankalpTaru Foundation

In India, Shanti Travel is committed to the SankalpTaru Foundation, an NGO specializing in the reforestation of the majestic mountains of Leh Ladakh to the shores of Tamil Nadu and the Sundarbans of West Bengal.

Learn more about SankalpTaru Foundation


Each year, the NGO provide to 250.000 beneficiairies a support in India, Nepal and Tibet through of programmes in various sectors : health, education, environment and social.

Learn more about Karuna-shechen

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