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A tour to Cambodia, the ‘land of smiles’, the ‘Kingdom of Wonders’, brings you up close and personal with impressive cultural heritage and friendly people. From nature, to the people, to the unquestionably wonderful temples, Cambodia is a diverse country beaming with culture and tradition.

Travel back in time and visit Angkor Wat, the ancient mythical capital of the Khmer Empire. Considered the largest religious monument in the world, this complex of temples is a testament to Cambodia’s history. Explore Cambodia’s incredible nature along the famous Mekong River where you will discover the fascinating Tonle Sap Lake and the floating villages. Cruise down the river past the town of Kratie where, if you’re lucky enough, you may spot the freshwater Irrawaddy dolphin. South Cambodia is home to the white sand beaches and crystal clear seas of Sinhanoukville. Look through our recommended tours to Cambodia or simply contact us today so one of our Travel Experts can design your tailor made holiday to Cambodia. Common, Cambodia is waiting for you!

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From white sand beaches, to the temples in Angkor Wat, to canoeing down the Mekong River, Cambodia is a country of adventure and discovery. Explore this country with us with one of our recommended programs or allow our Travel Experts to design your own bespoke holiday to Cambodia.

Discovering Cambodia’s charm

It is easy to think that travelling to Cambodia means solely visiting the temples of Angkor Wat, however there is truly so much more to do and see in this country of wonder and charm. Crossed by the Mekong River, Cambodia has a lot to offer from the Irrawaddy dolphins in the Tonle Sap, to the city of Battambang to Phnom Penh, Cambodia’s capital. Immerse yourself in this incredible, welcoming country. Cave-temples, waterfalls, pagodas and stupas are among the many preserved wonders waiting for you in Cambodia. as well as the kind people from the ‘Land of Smiles’.

Cambodia’s natural beauty

Beauty and Cambodia go hand in hand but Cambodia’s natural wonder is most definitely the Tonle Sap Lake. Depending on the season, the lake can expand by up to five times in size, and by up to 10 times in depth. This results in incredible landscapes, flooded forests and picturesque floating villages. Discover the Khmer culture by spending time here, at the lapse of Mondulkiri National Park or at the plantations of the famous Kampot pepper.

Where to go in Cambodia

Cambodia is a diverse country that has so much to offer. Whilst in Phnom Penh learn about Cambodia’s tragic past, admire the city’s architecture dating back to the French colonial era as well as visit the Silver Pagoda and it’s many Buddha’s, including the famous Emerald Buddha which is set with 9584 diamonds. Cambodia’s south coast is adorned with white sand beaches and is ideal for relaxing and snorkelling. Not to be missed whilst in Cambodia is the world famous Angkor, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, where you can visit the Temple of Angkor Wat and the Bayon Temple at Angkor Thom.

Why not check our recommended itineraries or contact us today to start planning your holiday to Cambodia.

  1. The Cambodian’s kind smiles and unwavering optimism will welcome you to their beautiful country with open arms
  2. Discover Cambodia’s cultural heritage, the mighty Khmer Empire has shaped Cambodia and it’s cultural richness is visible through the temples, ruins and sacred mountains
  3. The Temples of Angkor : This legendary city is home to the world famous temples of Angkor Wat and Bayon Temple
  4. The magical Tonle Sap lake and it’s floating villages which you can cruise round on a traditional boat, discovering this traditional way of life in Cambodia
  5. Enjoy a seaside holiday in the Gulf of Siam, sunbathing on white sand beaches and swimming in turquoise waters
  6. Haggle and shop in Cambodia’s traditional markets, in the bustling city Phnom Penh to the smaller city of Siem Reap
  7. Hike the path less travelled and visit untouched lands, meeting the local people who call this country home

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