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A mythical Himalayan country, holidays in Nepal is a real treat for lovers of the mountains. The myriad trekking trails in Nepal can lead you through villages, verdant valleys, monasteries and snow-capped peaks. A land of adventurers, walkers and dreamers, Nepal is the land of all.

From snow-capped mountains, to bustling cities, to lush green jungles, to a rich traditions and a varied culture, Nepal has something every type of traveller. From the sun setting over the peaks of Mt Everest, to the lively festivals and ceremonies, to the fascinating architecture influenced by Nepal’s rich history, this country tells a fascinating tale which can only be truly understood upon visiting and walking the trails. Take a look at our travel suggestions and treks in Nepal. Of course, all these itineraries can be fully customized according to your needs. Please get in touch and together we can create your memorable trip to Nepal.

Nepal, travel with a local agency

Crowned by the majestic Himalayan range where the highest mountains tower above everything, Nepal is an adventurous yet charming nation, rich in culture and traditions. One trip would never be enough to unravel all of its secrets.

Trekking in Nepal

Serene Buddhist temples and heritage palaces surround you on one side while the mountains encircle the valley of Kathmandu, another kingdom in the sky, on the other side. The abode of snow, the Himalayas, attracts mountain climbers, adventurers and dare devils for trekking in Nepal. Nepal has the prestige of boasting the supreme Mount Everest on its map, which has led the shy kingdom to become a haven for hiking tours, climbing, walking, mountaineering and adventure holidays. A trekking holiday to Nepal would showcase its sublime beauty, rustic charm and friendly locals.

Things to do in Nepal - Nepalese cities and temples

Whilst Nepal may be most famous for its trekking routes and mountains, Nepal is also home to bustling cities alive with culture and traditions. Kathmandu, for example, takes you back in time to the medieval ages as you stroll through the city square. You can also join pilgrims on a spiritual journey around monasteries and stupas which take you down hidden backstreets to unknown shrines and concealed temples. While others hike and trek the mountainous trails, relax in the cities admiring the mountain peaks and absorbing the authentic Nepalese atmosphere.

Adventure and trekking holidays to Nepal

Adventure, trekking and Nepal all come hand in hand. Whilst on holiday in Nepal we strongly recommend you take the opportunity to embark on a hike or trek and explore this country’s beautiful lands. We have a range of itineraries available which offer charming trails and treks that tourists have been walking for years, however for those looking for more advanced trekking tours, contact us today so we can come up with your unique itinerary taking you far from the frequented tourists spots and allowing you to discover a more authentic Nepal. We work closes with the Nepalese locals and porters to guarantee exceptional trekking tours across Nepal.

Following the earthquakes in April and May 2015, the Shanti Travel Team thanks all those who have contributed to the tremendous outpouring of solidarity for the people of Nepal. It will probably take a few years to overcome the scars of the disaster but, meanwhile, we are convinced that the best way to help the people of Nepal is to continue to travel to this Himalayan kingdom.

  1. Religious diversity of Nepal : Between Hinduism and Buddhism, the spiritual fervour near the temples of Nepal transport you to the heart of an ancient culture
  2. Nepal is considered one of the best trekking destinations in the world, offering a variety of treks for different levels and through different landscapes
  3. Marvel at Annapurna’s timeless beauty : This dream destination for trekkers offers a wide range of routes unaffected by the earthquake
  4. Explore the national parks from Chitwan to Barida, catch sight of the wild elephants, greater one-horned Rhinos and various species of birds
  5. Enjoy the company of the Nepalese who are jovial, friendly and charming and welcome you and are eager to share their country with you
  6. Discover remote and untouched villages in the Nepalese mountains where time seems to stand still
  7. A country of diverse landscapes, from the snowy peaks of Mt Everest to the lush green, tropical jungles, Nepal is full of wonderful surprises

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