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trip to the Philippines is, as I like to say, a journey no longer really in Asia but not in the Pacific either. This archipelago of more than 7,000 islands is an incredible place where nature remains wild. Between heavenly beaches and lush nature, follow your guide and discover this magnificent country!

From hikes in the rice fields in the north of the country to blissful dives in crystal clear waters, the Philippines has something for everyone, from the most sporty athletes and romantic honeymooners to families with young children. A trip to the Philippines will offer you the opportunity to discover the magnificent Bancas Islands, experience a ride on a Bangka, the traditional Filipino boat that allows you to explore small lagoons, jump into turquoise waters to admire colourful fish hiding in the corals or reach the mainland to enjoy barbecue on a desert island. Take advantage of the expertise of your local travel agency in the Philippines and plan your next trip to the Philippines!

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Whether you choose a diving trip to the most beautiful spots on the archipelago or an adventure with your family to discover the wildlife and beaches, if you travel to the Philippines with Shanti Travel you will have our Travel Experts at your disposal to help create the trip that perfectly suits your interests and budget.

Tailor-made trips and holidays in the Philippines

The Philippines is an immense archipelago which conceals many natural and historical treasures. Submerge yourself in the magnificent underwater world and dive with turtles or explore WWII shipwrecks; climb iconic volcanoes like Mount Pinatubo and sail on a private cruise surrounded by postcard-worthy scenery. Set off on a trek through rice terraces more than 2,000 years old which are still cultivated today and discover the colonial past of an old trading post. These are just a few ideas of what we can help you experience when you travel to the Philippines.

When you travel to the Philippines, you can definitely expect a lot of variety, making it difficult to get bored! In terms of accommodation, you are spoiled for choice: from a luxury establishment on a deserted beach to celebrate your honeymoon, or an immersive experience in a homestay, a charming boutique hotel in an old Spanish mansion or in a tent on an island, there is something for everyone and for all budgets.

Seize the opportunity to submerge yourself in a rich and multicolored underwater world when you travel to the Philippines! Thanks to the advice of our Travel Experts, your circuit in the Philippines can be adapted to your desires and intensity level. We are able to offer something for the most seasoned divers to families who want to discover the thousands of colourful fish with a mask and snorkel. It is therefore easy for you to observe turtles, fish of all shapes and sizes and even take your first diving course!

Organising holidays to the Philippines? Our speciality!

You might already have a rough itinerary in mind or at least some ideas of what you would like to see when you travel to the Philippines. Shanti Travel, a travel agency in the Philippines, will help you turn these ideas into reality and let you discover a different side of the country, avoiding the destinations that are less interesting and focusing on the really incredible places. We adapt the program to the smallest detail and avoid the typical routes. Whether you are looking for a calm and relaxing family trip, a getaway of a few days with friends or an adventure trip combining hikes, dives and natural scenery, we can cater to all needs, bringing you many tips for a real tailor-made trip to the Philippines!

A trip is above all a series of encounters. When you travel to the Philippines, you will get to know the adorable Filipinos, always smiling and always very considerate. Your interactions with the population is made easier because the majority of the local population are English-speaking and therefore you can enjoy singing with them (they are fond of karaoke) and getting to know more about their culture and way of life!

  1. Dream beaches: white, pink or black sand.. You will find deserted beaches everywhere when you visit the Philippines. That is one of the advantages of travelling in an archipelago of more than 7000 islands!
  2. An exceptional underwater world: corals, multicolored fish, turtles, starfish and many more wonderful marine animals are waiting to meet you in the Philippines on a scuba diving or snorkeling excursion.
  3. Unforgettable landscapes: from the rice terraces of Banaue to the lagoons of the Bacuit archipelago in El Nido or the famous "Chocolate Hills" of Bohol, the variety of landscapes that you will experience when you visit the Philippines will surely keep you on your toes!
  4. A family-friendly destination: outdoor activities, meeting animals in their natural environment (dolphins, turtles and tarsiers to name a few) and relaxing on the beach, these are just some of the family activities you can enjoy when you visit the Philippines - a treat for all ages!
  5. Hiker’s paradise: from a few hours to climb the Pinatubo volcano to several days trekking in the rice fields of the north of the Philippines, hikers and trekkers love to visit the Philippines!
  6. A wide choice of accommodation: whether you are looking for small bungalows on a deserted beach or high-end hotels with full-service amenities, you will find everything to meet all budgets and travel styles when you visit the Philippines!
  7. The north of the Philippines, a hidden gem where you can discover the ancestral customs of Sagada, meet the Ifaguo tribes and admire the stunning rice terraces of Banaue and Batad.

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