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Holidays in South India open the door to the sultry soul of India. At the southern part of the peninsula, South India melts into the Arabian Sea in the west, the east coast gives way to the Bay of Bengal, and the tip of southern India tapers into the Indian Ocean.

Tour South India, which is a kaleidoscope of culture, heritage and romance, and is an idyllic holiday destination in India. Goa, with its pristine beaches and party lifestyle, is the go-to place to rejuvenate oneself. Kerala, with its romantic backwaters, sinuous lagoons, palm-lined beaches, Ayurvedic spas, and tea plantations stretching out to the horizon, is the epitome of beauty. Karnataka is a behemoth of heritage, while Tamil Nadu is the cultural headquarters of South India. A trip to South India cannot be complete without some deep sea diving and snorkelling in the waters off the coast of Andaman Islands. Tour South India to experience all it has to offer.

We can help create your dream holidays to South India, whether a family trip or a romantic escapade, to the magnificent region of South India, contact us today so we can start planning your trip to South India.

South India, travel with a local agency

Boasting about 4,500 miles of coastline, holidays to South India are an exquisite vision of white sand beaches, languid backwaters, azure seas, lagoons and lush greenery. South India can captivate you with the sun kissed golden beaches of Goa to the lush tea terraces of the Nilgiri Hills.

The colours of South India

Tour south India and discover all the colours of the rainbow at the biodiversity hotspot of India. From walking through the thick, green Western Ghats to exploring the glittering temple complexes of Tamil Nadu, South India is overflowing with culture and colour. You can enjoy world-class snorkelling and deep sea diving off the coast of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands in turquoise waters. The highlight of a trip to South India is of course Kerala, nicknamed ’God’s Own Country’. Dotted with sinuous backwaters and lagoons, lush green tea plantations, pristine white sand beaches lined with verdant palm trees, hill stations, and Ayurvedic massage spas, Kerala is the crown jewel of the dazzling and colourful South.

What to do in South India

Travelling through South India is a unique and incomparable experience. Whilst you tour South India, visit Kerala and cruise on a romantic houseboat through the backwaters. Visit the state of Tamil Nadu which is famous for its Dravidian-style Hindu temples and mouth-watering seafood. Silk fabrics here are of the highest quality and the bright colours lines the streets. Karnataka, another South Indian haven, is blessed with ancient sculptures & temples, vast forests and beaches. The forlorn ruins of Vijaynagara Empire dotted with unearthly landscape at Hampi will leave you spellbound. Once you have traveled to this part of the world, it will remain etched in your soul forever.

South India Honeymoons

Heritage sights, white sand beaches, crystal clear waters and green hill tops paint a romantic picture. From cruising through the tranquil backwaters, to walking through the lush forests, to exploring the authentic hill stations, to relaxing on empty beaches, South India is a wonderful destination to spend your honeymoon. The beautiful landscapes and first class hospitality come together to deliver a holiday of a lifetime for newly married couples looking to celebrate their union. Contact us today so we can plan your romantic sojourn and create your custom tour package to South of India.

  1. Cruise around the backwaters of Kerala and explore network of puzzling, coconut palm filled brackish lagoons that runs parallel to Arabian Sea coast
  2. Relax and recuperate in one of the most beautiful parts of the world with various massages and Ayurvedic treatments
  3. Walk into the majestic temples of Madurai in the heart of Tamil Nadu : these mythical places of religious cults contain an exceptional intensity.
  4. Unwind on the beaches of Goa and enjoy the sweetness of life, between stretches of white sand, coconut trees and Portuguese colonial heritage
  5. The lush vegetation and wildlife you will see in this tropical paradise, including elephants, tigers and leopards
  6. Awaken all your senses on this century old spice route which spicy fragrances will captivate you from beginning to end
  7. Visit Hampi, the former capital of 500 year old Vijaynagara, an empire to admire the legacy of one of the most powerful kingdoms of Indian history

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