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A trip to Singapore transports you to a fascinating cosmopolitan and futuristic world. One of the largest cities in Southeast Asia, Singapore is also a global hub for financial and commercial exchanges, bringing together millions of people from around the world. This effervescent city is the perfect place to enjoy urban pleasures: shopping, gastronomy and clubbing!

When you land in Singapore, you have the feeling of being projected a few years into the future. Everything is clean, well-organized, and harmonious; a big difference from the chaos of big cities in neighboring countries! A stroll through Chinatown, Little India, the Marina Bay business district and the old colonial neighborhoods gives you a taste of the diversity of this amazing city. Shopping enthusiasts can indulge in luxury malls on Orchard Road before enjoying a relaxing break in one of the city's many lounges and rooftops bars. Gastronomically, Singapore is the ideal place to sample different types of cuisine from India, China, Thailand, Indonesia, Japan or Malaysia, both in small local markets and in gourmet restaurants.

Singapore, travel with a local agency

Travel Singapore - A trip to Singapore is a fascinating experience due to its cosmopolitan spirit and futuristic ambience. From strolls through the cultural districts of Little India, Chinatown and Marina Bay, to treasure hunts in the luxury malls of Orchard Road and a visit to the famous Gardens by the Bay, Singapore welcomes you with all of its cultural diversity. Contact your Travel Expert at Shanti Travel to create your tailor-made trip to Singapore.

Relax and explore with a tailor-made trip to Singapore

Shanti Travel, a locally-based travel agency, introduces you to the fascinating cosmopolitan metropolis that is Singapore. A true melting pot of Asia, get a taste of India and China when you dive into the mythical neighborhoods of Little India and Chinatown. Be amazed by the futuristic architecture of Marina Bay Sands and the lush greenhouses at the Gardens by the Bay. Soak up the colonial era by visiting the old Dutch districts. Singapore also offers a rich array of urban activities: impressive malls in which to indulge in the pleasures of shopping, countless restaurants and food centers with a large variety of international cuisines, as well as sophisticated lounges and trendy clubs.

Our travel agency in Singapore will be happy to advise you and suggest unique travel itineraries.

Combining a trip Singapore - Bali

Only a two-and-a-half hour flight away, Bali is the ideal destination to combine with Singapore. Many travellers enjoy a brief stop-over for a few days in the futuristic metropolis of Singapore before immersing themselves in the nature and tradition of the ‘Island of the Gods’, as Bali is sometimes known. With a combined trip between Singapore and Bali, you explore one of the most cosmopolitan cities in Southeast Asia and discover the jewel of the Indonesian archipelago, between rice paddies, mist-covered volcanoes, temple visits and well-deserved moments of relaxation.

The warm welcome of the Balinese as well as the cultural richness and the beauty of the landscapes guarantee you an authentic and captivating exploration of the highlights of Singapore and Bali.

Travelling alone, as a couple or with your family? Visit Singapore with peace of mind, Shanti Travel will organize the trip for you according to your desires.

  1. Discover a futuristic and cosmopolitan city which offers a fascinating contrast with the developing metropolises of the surrounding countries.
  2. Stroll through the mythical neighborhoods of Chinatown and Little India, living proof of the cultural diversity of Singapore.
  3. Spend an afternoon in the extravagant luxury malls of Orchard Road, real temples of shopping and urban excitement.
  4. Get lost in the lush Gardens by the Bay also called the "green lung" of Singapore and visit the Singapore Botanical Gardens, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  5. Travel between colonial and modern architecture, passing through the former Dutch districts and the financial center that dominate the city.
  6. Savor cuisines from all over Asia, in small covered markets and gourmet restaurants./li>
  7. Embark on a combined trip from Singapore to Bali, an opportunity to indulge in urban pleasures before immersing yourself in an idyllic setting with fascinating traditions.

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