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Indonesia is made up of a cluster of islands home to enigmatic people and unparalleled flora and fauna. With each island offering something different and unique. Travel to Indonesia is an incredible and unbeatable holiday for friends, couples, families, and solo travellers alike.

Whether you are looking for a relaxing seaside holiday, an adventurous vacation, or a culture crammed trip; visit Indonesia, it is the place for you. Climb the legendary volcanoes of Bromo, Mount Batur, or Kawah Ijen. Explore cities such as Yogyakarta, or dive in some of the richest marine biodiversity in Asia, even spot some of the legendary Komodo Dragons on Komodo Island. This collection of islands really does have something for everyone to enjoy. Contact us today to plan your travel to Indonesia and let us share with you these beautiful islands and their charm, tradition, and culture.

Indonesia, travel with a local agency

Our Travel Experts based in Bali are ready to design bespoke holidays to Indonesia for you to discover this extraordinary archipelago. From Bali beaches, and diving in Raja Ampat, to searching for Borneo’s orangutans; our Travel Experts will work with you to design your unforgettable trip to Indonesia.

Holidays to Indonesia

The archipelago of Indonesia is made up of over 17,000 islands rich in cultural and natural wonders. Indonesia offers a range of things to do, including the spitting volcanoes on the island of Java and the lush rainforest home to tribes and ancestral traditions, and the pristine beaches and cliff-top temples on the island of Bali, There are also animals indigenous to Indonesia such as the Komodo Dragon, which you’d think only existed on the sets of Jurassic Park. Holidays in Indonesia are a mix of adventure, religion, culture, natural landscapes, and of course, the local people. This unique mix makes for an unforgettable holiday!

Things to do in Indonesia... discover its beauty and magic

When you travel to Indonesia you can sample the beauty in the smiles of the kind locals, the waters of the breathtaking islands of Lombok, the crushing waterfalls in the depths of lush green jungles, the world class deep sea diving, and by hiking in Indonesia. The diverse beauty is incomparable and can only be truly felt and experienced upon visiting the islands and meeting the people who call Indonesia home. Even though some parts of Indonesia have a large influx of tourists, these islands have still managed to maintain their culture, traditions, and natural beauty.

The best places in Indonesia

If you want to be truly spellbound, a vacation Indonesia is for you. Travel to Indonesia and visit the island of Flores where the three lakes that are nestled in the caldera of the Kelimutu Volcano change colours from red to green to blue. The native Komodo Dragons are found in the wild so watch out! For those eager to see Indonesia’s animals, a trip to meet the Borneo orangutans is not to be missed! Travel to Bali to experience natural beauty, culture, heritage, waves, and food. Bali, known as the ‘Island of the Gods’, is a magical destination alive with tradition which best combines comfortable travel and authentic experiences.

Whatever it is you are looking for during your travel to Indonesia, Shanti Travel can organise it. Contact one of our Travel Experts today who will create your memorable trip, full of unique experiences.

  1. Travelling to Indonesia is about authentic encounters locals. The diversity of 800 ethnic groups in Indonesia offer a rich and unique cultural experience
  2. The archipelago has a record number of endemic species and endangered animals including orangutans and Komodo Dragons
  3. Discover the most beautiful diving spots in Asia including Raja Ampat in Papua, the Bunaken Marine Park in Celebes, the island of Menjangan and Nusa Lembongan
  4. Majestic volcano treks in Batur, Bromo and the hiking trails in Rinjani, between rice paddies, jungle and villages
  5. From romantic getaways for couples to rejuvenating wellness tours, Bali offers relaxation and tranquillity
  6. Sail the sea routes once travelled by spice merchants and pirates, and drop anchor off the deserted islands and relax on the sandy beaches
  7. Horse ride along the white sand beaches of Lombok as the sun sets over the island, an overwhelmingly special and unique experience

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