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Wellness in India


Travel to India to try your hand at yoga and perhaps completely change your lifestyle as well! This spiritual discipline has been practiced in India for thousands of years. This tradition is very different and far removes from the recent fashion in the West. In India, everyone does yoga. It helps free one’s mind and body by balancing them to find a harmony. Closely connected to meditation, a yoga session is generally composed of some breathing exercises (pranayama) and a series of postures (asanas). Also practiced in therapy, yoga can be an effective healer as well. At Rishikesh, numerous centers and ashrams teach Yoga to one and all, starting from the beginners’ basics to the most advanced techniques to become yoga teachers.


Like yoga, meditation is closely related to Indian philosophy, and to Hinduism and Buddhism. This lifestyle promotes self-control and calming of the mind. There are different methods of meditation often practised in the ashrams. One of the most ancient techniques is Vipassana. It complies with the word of the Buddha closely and offers methods of simply observing reality as it is, without a guru or any spiritual fantasy. Many centers in India offer courses of 3 to 10 days to introduce you to this technique, providing you with the best facilities for housing and food. The centers are open to people of all nationalities and all religions, in exchange for a donation at the end of your retirement.


Originally from South India, Ayurveda is a traditional art of medicine using different combinations of plants to synchronize one’s vital energies. Written down in the Vedas (sacred books), this science is based on the principle of balance of natural human needs. If the balance is met, mainly through diet and way of life, then the individual is in good health. Ayurvedic products use plants in their medicines and can be applied in the form of massages. Ayurvedic centers located in luxury hotels are most often of great quality. The best treatments are certainly to be found in the Kerala region.

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